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Tulle is not only a highly versatile fabric used for everything from wedding dresses and tutus to mosquito netting, it’s also a town in France. In fact the city of Tulle is quite likely the origin of tulle itself.

Wedding Decor Always Calls for a Personalized DIY Touch

Whether exchanging vows in a house of worship, a backyard under a flower-draped pergola, or a coastal beach with the setting sun as a backdrop, your wedding decor should be as memorable as you are. Regardless of which one of you proposed (modern times call for modern methods), you’ll make the wedding even …Continue Reading »


From decorating and design to crafting, and clothing, few materials have such a wide range of application as tulle. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, tulle is popular for its affordability. Buying wholesale tulle can reduce your costs even further. When purchasing tulle, one must take into consideration the material of the tulle, size and …Continue Reading »

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