5 Tips to Package and Ship Shoes and Accessories

With our helpful tips, your footwear packaging operation will be a ‘shoe’-in.


According to Shopify, the ecommerce market for shoes is currently valued at $96 billion. With that number projected to rise to a whopping $135 billion over the next four years, it’s clear that now is the time for online retailers who sell footwear to lay the foundation for future growth.

For small business owners who run an ecommerce operation, packaging and shipping shoes and accessories correctly is crucial. After all, investing in quality packaging and reliable delivery options is a relatively low-cost way to show customers that you want them to have an enjoyable shopping experience, from the moment they click on your website to the time they finally unbox their purchase.

If you’re wondering how you can get started, check out our favorite tips for packaging and shipping your business’s shoes and accessories.


1. Select Appropriately Sized Boxes

With the right apparel boxes, you’ll be able to keep your products safe and secure and avoid shifting during shipment. If your online store also sells accessories such as laces, shoe horns, and shoe trees, consider what type of packaging would best suit the size and shape of these items without adding too much weight to your shipping costs. If customers routinely order multiple items that require more than one box, you may want to invest in custom printed packaging that shows off your business’s branding on each parcel.


2. Clean Shoes with Conditioning Products Before Packaging

While it’s inevitable that an item will occasionally be damaged during shipment, do everything you can to make your products as enticing (and pristine) as possible before you pack them up for delivery. Clean and condition shoes using a conditioning product to give them a lustrous shine. You may even want to use cost-efficient recycled rags to really get them glowing.


3. Stuff Shoes with Tissue Paper to Keep Their Shape in Transit

While it’s up to customers to keep their shoes in good condition once they receive them, help them start out on the right foot by stuffing tissue paper around the shoes before you pack them up. This will help them keep their shape while they’re on their way to their final destination. Additionally, wrap the shoes in tissue paper — perhaps a color that complements your branding — to keep them from getting scraped or scuffed. You can even secure the tissue paper with a custom label featuring your brand’s logo.


4. Match the Right Shoe Trees with the Right-Sized Shoe

Whether you’re sending shoes out from your store or fulfilling orders from a warehouse, it’s a good idea to use appropriately sized shoe trees to keep your footwear looking brand new. Since shoe trees help keep the toe box of shoes from sagging and preserve the integrity of the leather, they’re a good investment for businesses that keep inventory on the shelves for longer stretches of time.


5. Use Cushioning Material for Oddly Shaped Items like Shoe Horns

If customers order items that aren’t conveniently shaped, you’ll need to use cushioning products to make sure they don’t bend or break. While cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts are a welcome addition to any shoe packaging, they’re especially helpful for oddly shaped objects like shoe horns or shoe trees.

If you’re a footwear retailer, making the extra effort to package your shoes properly and prepare them for the rough and tumble of modern shipping will pay off in the long run. When your items arrive in mint condition and ready for the eager recipient to slip right into, you’ll be laying the groundwork for future sales and happy customers.


  1. Penelope Smith says:

    This is some really good information about packaging. I liked that you explained that when packaging shoes you want to have good cushioning for the horn of the shoes. It might also be smart to get custom packaging made for your product.

  2. Derek Dewitt says:

    I know I always appreciate it when my packages arrive with proper padding and protection. You make a good point about wrapping shoes in tissue paper to stop them from getting scuffed. Small things like this prove to me the company cares about their product.


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