Behind The Scenes: The Paper Mart Photo Studio

Visuals are so important. Especially when it comes to a bustling e-commerce business like ours. If you’re interested in what goes on behind the scenes, take a peek into our world of studio photography with us. Here, we’ll cover the process that gives our e-commerce photos a professional touch, our favorite photo studio tools, and more!

studio photography

A Professional Studio vs. In Home Studio Photography 

Here at Paper Mart, we’re lucky enough to curate a wide selection of items for every sort of need. From large-scale industrial supplies to retail-ready boxes and bags, we keep ourselves busy with sourcing and supplying the perfect products for you and your needs. We’re proud to take every detail into consideration, from minute paper bag details to being your source for quality, food-safe packaging

Our Studio Photography Process

As an e-commerce business, we rely heavily on our product photography to depict these unique features clearly and accurately. This level of professionalism requires the expertise of our seasoned team members.

studio photography

Studio Photography Pre-Production

“Each morning, I make it my priority to learn about any new items and then style them. I think working with our products to create something eye-catching for our customers is very inspiring to me.

One of my favorite products to work with was our Narrow Chevron Ribbon set. That bow was really fun to create. I also found our glass jars with cork lids really enjoyable.” 

Kristin Hemsley, New Product Coordinator & Stylist

First, with each product, we go through an extensive production process, starting with our New Product Coordinator and Stylist. She learns about each product’s unique features and highlights these features visually through styling and staging.

studio photography


“We sell thousands of items – all kinds of products which vary in size, color, material, and I’m proud to say that our photo studio is equipped to photograph anything that comes in.

My focus is to produce an image that showcases our items in their best light. Sometimes that means muting the light intensity to minimize any glare on reflective surfaces, or highlighting it to specifically emphasize any metallic or glittery details.” 

Jorge Carrillo, Photographer

Then, after each item is positioned and staged appropriately, our photographer considers the camera’s point of view and final product by adjusting the studio lighting and camera accordingly. The results from this stage in production should be nearly perfect. 

FYI: If your business is still small and you’re just starting out, we understand! We’ve got some tips to help you upgrade your in-home studio photography here.

studio photography

Post Production

Finally, to get that touch of perfection, each of our photos go through the post production process. During post production, we edit each photo with a focus on accuracy, realism, and formatting the final files appropriately for the web. This means an extensive comparison of the live product to the photo and editing to make sure the colors and materials appear on the web as accurately as possible. 

FYI: Remember, while we do go through a rigorous process to make sure the colors, materials, and products are accurate, each monitor can have different color settings. 

Studio Photography Must-Haves: The Camera, Lights, & More

While our team of experts ensure that our products are styled and presented appropriately, our photo tools and software help keep us streamlined and efficient. If you’re interested in our setup and the tools we use to make sure our studio is ready to tackle any project, keep reading. We’re going to give you a quick walk-through of our set up!

Quality Camera & Lens

With our technology and tools changing as often as they do, it’s important that our camera is reliable and complete with everything we would need. 

We Like To Use: Canon EOS 6D Mark II & Canon EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

Professional Studio Photography Lights & Set Up

To help achieve the look of perfection during production, we rely heavily on studio photography lights that are professional grade, easy to maneuver, and versatile. 

Our Preferred Studio Photography Lights: Key Lights & Fill Lights 

  • 1 Key light, 2 fill lights, 1 extra fill for detail
    • (2) Godox SK300II strobe lights, (2) Norman ML400 strobe lights, ‘Impact’ 6’ C-Stand, Impact Steel Boom Arm, a Pocketwizard wireless transceiver
studio photography

Our Set Up

For studio photography, we use one head with a large 35X35” softbox as our key light. We position this key light centered and facing the product at a 45° angle overhead. What we want is to cover the entire tabletop with our  two lights at opposite ends for a nice even bounce of soft lighting. 

When we need any directional detail lighting, an extra fill light is positioned next to the camera. This is done if the product we’re photographing has any deep shadows to fill or shiny, metallic details to emphasize.

Efficient Technology

Our technology helps keep us streamlined! During all stages of production, it is imperative to have advanced editing software that allows us to make quick, real time edits as well as  hardware that can support the amount of files each product requires. As a whole, our collection of tech allows us to produce professional quality photos quickly and efficiently. 

Our Photo Studio Is Equipped With: High Quality Storage & The Latest Software

  • Mac Mini 2018 (256GB flash storage 16GB RAM), Dell 27” Display, Adobe Photography Suite, Capture One Pro

How We Use Some Of This Tech

Each of our pieces is extremely powerful and the capabilities are endless. For this glimpse into our photography studio, we want to focus on a couple tools we use during production, our Tether Tools cable, our Mac, and Capture One Pro software. Using our Tether Tools cable, we connect our camera to our Mac. This cable used with Capture One Pro software allows us to see exactly what we’re photographing in large detail and real time. We also rely on this software to make live exposure, highlights, shadows, and color adjustments.

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