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Paper Mart is a dream come true for DIY types.  Whether you enjoy arts and crafts or simply prefer to do your own shipping and packaging, Paper Mart has something for everyone.  Here on our blog we’ll keep you plugged into our latest DIY offerings as well as guides for your favorite crafts!

DIY Fold-Your-Own Geometric Envelopes by Camille Styles

Personalized snail mail is a great way to show someone you care, and you can make the prettiest notes right at home! Lifestyle blogger, Camille Styles, recently featured a super cute DIY tutorial on how to craft your own personalized geometric envelopes using Paper Mart’s two-sided color matte in aqua/seafoam, and our flat sheet gift …Continue Reading »

How to Reuse Your Packaging and Be Eco-Friendly with Crafts

Finding new ways to be eco-friendly is a challenge that all consumers face. Business owners and crafters are particularly unique when trying to tackle this obstacle, as they typically have an excess of materials. Whether it is leftovers from craft projects or waste from shipping items, it can be a struggle to know what to …Continue Reading »

The Key Packaging Product Every Great Retailer Keeps on Hand

What’s the best packaging product for a retail business? The answer to that question will depend on the nature of your store. However, there are certain products that most retailers will use on a daily basis, and some of them offer more versatility than others. One such product is tissue paper.

Tissue Paper to the Rescue!

Running …Continue Reading »