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What to Put in Party Favor Bags for Any Occasion

From tried-and-true to a few “outside the box” party favor ideas, here are seven of our favorite gift bag treats that are guaranteed to charm your friends and family.


Party favor


 Our friends and loved ones honor us at birthday parties, weddings, and celebrations of all kinds. In addition to the standard thank you note, why not let your guests know how much you appreciate them with a thoughtful party favor?


1) Wedding

Personalize your place settings with guests’ names printed in an artistic font, and display them in miniature frames around each table. Use a variety of metallic finishes to add color and interest to the table decor. Then, provide tent boxes for your friends and family to take the frames home with them. Check out more of our wedding favor ideas here.


2) Children’s Birthday Partyparty favor

A slinky provides endless fun for kids — and it’s also a relatively inexpensive party favor! Place a slinky upright on a sheet of cellophane and fill the inner circle with candy or other treats. Wrap the cellophane around the gift and tie it all up with a nice raffia bow.


3) Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Bottle openers make great wedding favors, as they can easily be personalized and come in a wide variety of styles. Opt for leather-covered bottle openers engraved with your groomsmen’s names, or silver ones for the bridal party. Pop the bottle opener into a stylish party favor box, and you’ve got a showstopper!


4) Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Fill a glass jar with candy or treats that match the color scheme of your party. Add a printed label and wrap a coordinating burlap ribbon around the top to finish off the look.


5) Sweet Sixteen

Ah, a sweet sixteen party — there’s nothing quite like it. A bracelet made with ribbon and jewels is a great way to tell your guests, “Thanks for making my 16th so sweet!” Place the bracelet on a bed of colorful tissue paper inside a clear bow top box for a pretty gift display.


6) Anniversary Partyparty favor

Whether it’s your first anniversary, your 25th, or your 50th, celebrating love and years spent together is a wonderful tradition. Show appreciation for your party guests by giving them a packet of seeds from your favorite flower or plant. Tuck the seeds inside a small jute or burlap bag with a tag attached that says, “Plant seeds of love and watch them grow.”


7) Retirement Party

You’ve accomplished so much during your career — time to celebrate! Make your send-off a huge success with a customized corkscrew for your guests. A silver or gold corkscrew fashioned with the words “Cheers” or “Celebrate” in a pretty script is an elegant and charming way to say thank you. Plus, it’s a practical kitchen tool that guests will love to use.

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