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Our Buyer’s Guide will help make your purchasing decisions much easier and will save you money!  Whether you’re looking to buy shipping and packaging products like bubble mailers or craft supplies like ribbon and burlap bags, we’ll make the buying process a breeze.

Paper Mart is proud to serve a wide audience across the United States and Canada, and we do our best to accommodate all of your crafting interests and business packaging needs alike. Our talented staff is always looking for input from our customers, so please do not hesitate to comment on our posts or interact with us on social media. We’re pleased to have such a wonderful, diverse customer base and we hope our Buyer’s Guide is helpful in making your purchasing decisions.


6 Tips for Packaging & Shipping Valentine’s Day Gifts

Whether you’re packaging flowers or chocolates, protect your Valentine’s Day gifts from damage en route to that special someone.

Have you done your Valentine’s Day shopping yet? Time to hop on it! With nearly $18 billion spent last year, Valentine’s Day is now the third-largest consumer holiday in America. With more people than ever buying gifts …Continue Reading »


Thinking Outside the Box: The History of Cardboard Boxes & E-commerce

Without cardboard boxes, the age of Amazon may never have happened.

Forget shoe boxes, Chinese takeout boxes, and pizza boxes: the most popular (and iconic!) box in the world is the cardboard shipping box. Children make forts out of them. Adults use them for storage. E-commerce giants like Amazon have deployed them to keep up with …Continue Reading »

paper bag

All About The Paper Bag: Its History, Inventors and Types Today

The big brown paper bag has a long, interesting history.

Brown paper bags have become a fixture in our daily lives: we use them to carry groceries home, tote our department store purchases, and pack our kids’ lunches. Retailers use them as a blank canvas for their branded product packaging. Creative trick-or-treaters even wear them as …Continue Reading »

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Package Wine for Shipping

Follow these tips to ensure that your wine shipment arrives safe and sound at its final destination.



Whether you’re shipping wine to friends as a gift or fulfilling a customer’s order, you want to make sure the bottles arrive in one piece and ready to enjoy. The right packaging should be strong, well-designed, and capable of …Continue Reading »

party favor

What to Put in Party Favor Bags for Any Occasion

From tried-and-true to a few “outside the box” party favor ideas, here are seven of our favorite gift bag treats that are guaranteed to charm your friends and family.



 Our friends and loved ones honor us at birthday parties, weddings, and celebrations of all kinds. In addition to the standard thank you note, why not let …Continue Reading »

Washi Tape

Washi Tape Featured in NY Magazine’s The Strategist

Need some last minute gift ideas for the kids before Santa arrives? New York Magazine’s The Strategist recently shared 23 “Design-y” stocking stuffers for kids for under $10. One of the stocking stuffers suggested included is Paper Mart’s affordable and festive washi tape. 



Washi tape makes a great gift for kids to decorate their books, pens, notes …Continue Reading »

Chef’d & Paper Mart: 12 Days of Sweets [Full Recipes]

Paper Mart is so excited about our collaboration with the team at Chef’d to bring their customers “12 Days of Sweets” baking kits. Keep reading to see all 12 delicious and festive treats that are perfect to share at any holiday gathering.



Visit Chef’d’s 12 Days of Sweets collection to purchase a kit today. Be sure to also …Continue Reading »

holiday packaging

Paper Mart’s 2017 Holiday Packaging Guide

Let your holiday packaging speak for itself this season. Create appealing and affordable packaging designs that your customers will love.



No matter what kind of business you run, it’s essential to consider your holiday packaging with care. Whatever you use should keep your product safe and secure for delivery, but should also align with your brand …Continue Reading »

corrugated cardboard

What is Corrugated Cardboard?

A simple cardboard box contains more than meets the eye. Here’s everything you need to know about corrugated cardboard.

Lightweight, durable, and easy to use, corrugated cardboard is a popular packing material for both business and personal needs. And once you’re done packing, the creative uses for corrugated cardboard are endless!

What is Corrugated Cardboard, Exactly?

Corrugated cardboard …Continue Reading »

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