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spa and beauty

[Video] DIY Spa & Beauty Packaging: Rustic & Colorful

Design a spa & beauty experience that relaxes and uplifts. When it comes creating the ultimate spa and beauty experience, it starts with the perfect packaging. A put together package allows you to communicate your brand message and personality into your gift.

Here are two ways you can incorporate your personality into your packaging, rustic and …Continue Reading »

[Video] Sparkling Letter DIY Garland

It is the party season, and you have all of the food catered, entertainment arranged, and decorations set. Or, do you? The chair sashes look great against the elegant centerpiece, and the place settings are spot on. But, something is still missing. Perhaps a sparkly DIY garland?

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Christmas Gift

[Video] A Perfect DIY Christmas Gift Idea for Crafters

Do you need a Christmas gift idea for the creative crafter in your life? We have the perfect solution! Show your thoughtfulness by giving them a mason jar filled with their favorite craft materials which can be purchased here Let us show you how to do it!


Materials needed: 

Mason Jar 
Cupcake cupcake 
Washi Tape 
Bakers …Continue Reading »

Burlap Pumpkins

[Video] DIY No-Sew Burlap Pumpkins

Decorating for Fall

The holidays are already around the corner. More importantly, this means that some decorating is in order. Here at Paper Mart, we have a simple way of using our products like burlap bags and turning them into festive pumpkin decoration. These no-sew burlap pumpkins would go well for Halloween, Thanksgiving and harvest seasons. 


Here is what …Continue Reading »

[Video] DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Need some decorating ideas for Halloween?

The original Jack-O-Lantern was made to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. So as the saying goes. Our pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween are a little different, in that they utilize no-carve pumpkins embellished with affordable products available at All of your visitors will enjoy these warm and inviting holiday decorations. In …Continue Reading »

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