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How to Ship Gift Boxes and Baskets

One of the easiest ways to show someone that you care is by sending a gift basket. Perfect for any special occasion or event, gift baskets can easily be customized and packaged based on the recipient’s favorite things. Perfect for sending warm thoughts from far away, gift baskets are a safe yet thoughtful present for people of all ages and friends old and new. While sending a gift basket is a great idea, knowing the proper way to package and ship a gift basket is a critical part of ensuring the recipient opens their gift to find it intact and the way the sender originally sent it. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best way to ship gift baskets or boxes so that your special present arrives the way you intend. From suggested shipping supplies to successful packaging strategies, you’ll be sending an unforgettable present in no time. 

overhead image of hands holding a gift basket alongside a cardboard box, tape dispenser, and ribbon

How to Ship Gift Baskets and Boxes

Gift bags or baskets are a great idea because they can be easily customized based on the recipient’s favorite things or the nature of the occasion. Whether it’s candy and small toys for a child’s birthday or candles and spa supplies for a loved one who simply deserves to unwind, the possibilities for creating a memorable and thoughtful gift are elevated by assembling your very own gift basket. Once you’ve decided what exactly you’ll be including within your gift box or basket, it’s time to consider how you’d like your recipient to receive their present. 

By understanding the best ways to ship gift baskets and boxes you can ensure gifts arrive unbroken, neatly assembled, and pleasantly presented for a lovely experience. Let’s dive deeper into some of the best tips for those curious about how to ship gift baskets. 

Gather Necessary Supplies

Supplies should generally be chosen based on the gift basket’s contents. If you’re shipping baked goods the packaging requirements will look very different from shipping a recommended book. It’s important to choose a shipping container that will not provide too much room for a gift basket to slide around during transit, but also not small enough to harm any of the gift box’s contents. Make sure to gather these supplies before assembling and packaging the box to ensure you don’t have to run to the store in the middle of the packing process. 

Some suggested supplies for those gathering materials to ship a gift basket include:

Place Contents into Gift Boxes and Bags

Once you’ve gathered the supplies, it’s time for the fun part: assembling the gift basket with its contents. It’s always exciting for recipients to get a little sneak peek of a package’s contents, so consider choosing clear gift bags or clear-lid gift boxes for gift basket items. Clear plastic gift bags are great because they add a pop of color to your gift basket as well as enhance the elegance of the presentation. Once items have been properly secured individually, begin placing them inside the gift box or basket as desired.  

Secure Basket or Boxes within Bubble Wrap and Cellophane

One of the most trustworthy tools for shipping a gift basket is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is especially great for baskets that might include fragile items, such as baked goods or glassware, with an additional level of protection. Feel free to use bubble wrap within the gift basket’s items or around the entire gift basket as a whole. Once the basket has been properly fortified, surround the gift basket with a cellophane wrap and add a bow for a nice decorative touch. Paper Mart features a ton of options for cellophane wrapping, so feel free to choose a design or pattern that matches the gift’s occasion or recipient’s interests. 

Place Gift Basket into Shipping Container

A critical element of learning how to ship gift baskets is choosing the right shipping container that will host the gift basket appropriately. A box too big can result in the gift basket shifting around and contents becoming loose during transit, but it’s also important to ensure the bag is not crumpled or bent upon arrival due to smaller accommodations. After choosing the correctly sized shipping box, assemble and place the box so that it’s ready for packing supplies. Before placing the gift basket inside, fill the bottom with crumpled paper or packing foam to make a cushioned bed for the gift basket. 

Pack the Gift Box or Basket Tightly with Paper Sheets

Now that the box is ready for the gift basket, carefully place the gift basket on its side within the box on top of the crumpled paper sheets. The paper allows the basket to be delicately protected to prevent the bow from becoming bent or items shipping around too much. Add more crumpled paper to the box on top of the gift basket, leaving room for the bow as needed. Once the basket is unable to shift around with a gentle shake, close up the shipping container with plenty of shipping tape. 

Appropriately Label Shipping Box

Once the box has been taped up, it’s time to add the shipping label as well as additional labels as needed. If there are delicate items within the gift basket, it’s highly suggested to ship with a “fragile” warning to give carrier personnel a heads up regarding the box’s contents. Once the appropriate labels have been placed, head to your local post office to finally send your professionally packaged creation to your recipient. 

Additional Tips for Shipping Gift Boxes and Bags

Now that you know how to ship gift baskets and boxes, it’s time to consider a few additional tips for those looking to ship gift baskets professionally. By considering all your bases while shipping a gift basket, you can feel rest assured your present will arrive at its destination exactly how you packaged it. 

Handle Perishables Mindfully 

It’s incredibly popular for gift baskets to include snacks or sweet treats for recipients to enjoy. These types of gift baskets should consider the expiration dates of anything inside and ship accordingly for the safety of the recipient. Add cool packs as needed and choose expedited shipping if you’re shipping something that requires future refrigeration. The quicker the person receiving the gift can enjoy the contents, the better. 

Don’t Forget the Value of Presentation

Even though a loved one is getting a gift from someone far away, it’s still nice to wrap the gift basket in a way that the recipient will enjoy. Consider choosing paper sheets in a fun color or adding a few party favors within the padding. Especially for those looking to monetize gift basket arrangements, it’s important to include any marketing materials within the shipping container to encourage future customers. While the gift basket’s contents are chosen to delight, the presentation and gift assembly are what make recipients smile upon first sight. 

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