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How to Gift Wrap a Wine Bottle in 4 Ways

Let’s face it: sending wine is never a bad idea – it’s a thoughtful gift that’s appreciated even by those “hard-to-buy-for” people in our lives. But often, even after the wine is selected, the question that remains is…how to wrap a bottle of wine that dazzles

how to wrap a wine bottle

If you’re looking for creative, outside the box (or bottle!) ways to present wine, read on, as we’re covering some gift wrapping wine bottles ideas that make wine as fun to open as it is to drink. 

1. Wrapping a Wine Bottle with Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

You’ll never go wrong with the natural look and feel kraft wrapping paper can give to a great bottle of wine. Keep things simple, but with a flair for fun using patterned or plain paper gift wrap and a natural raffia ribbon or a gift bow. The beauty of knowing how to wrap a wine bottle like this is the options for creativity are literally endless. Use seasonal paper, colors and accents to fit any occasion, any time of year. 

You’ll Need

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle Using Gift Wrap

Just follow the steps below to create a gorgeously-wrapped bottle that wows even before the variety is revealed!

  • Lay the wrapping paper flat, decorated side down.
  • Place the bottle on its side (laying down) on the center of the paper.
  • Wrap one end of the paper around the bottle and tape it securely to a glass section of the bottle. Avoid taping over the label.  
  • Wrap the remaining paper around the back side of the bottle and tape it down.
  • Using festive ribbon, tie a pretty bow around the neck of the bottle.

2. Wrapping a Wine Bottle with Cellophane

Feeling like the old paper-and-ribbon technique is a bit tired? Another bottle wrapping idea we love is using cellophane wrap

You’ll Need

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle Using Cellophane

  • Cut a sheet from your cellophane roll, or lay your pre-cut sheet flat on a sturdy surface.
  • Form a nest using your shred, and put it in the middle of the wrap – natural wood works great – or you can also coordinate your shred and ribbon to give a pop of color.
  • Stand the bottle up, nestled in the center of the shred.
  • Take opposite corners of the wrap and bring them up together at the top of the bottle.
  • Making sure your bottle is centered, take one of the remaining corners and twist it in towards the bottle, bringing it up to meet the other two sides at the top of the neck.
  • Do the same thing to the final corner.
  • Going around in one direction, gently fold any extra cellophane inside itself, while twisting the bottle to wrap the rest of it – you want to make a solid, flat, tight wrap all the way around the bottle.
  • You may need to work a bit on your presentation to ensure the front of the bottle clearly displays the label.
  • Twist the corners together around the neck of the bottle, and using one hand, hold the cello tightly against the neck of the bottle while smoothing all the sides once more.
  • Fluff the top pieces to make them look nice.
  • Tie your ribbon around the neck and finish with a bow or other accent. You can use seasonal or holiday-themed ribbon, or choose to complement the label for a finished presentation that looks professional, simple and classy.

3. Wine Bags

An oldie but a goodie! Another great wine bottle gift wrap idea is the classic of all classic wraps – using a wine bag. This is easier than our first two methods of using paper or cello wrap, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices any of the wow-factor. You can still dress up a wine bag with tissue paper, a fancy bow, a pretty ribbon or twine, or a fun gift tag. 

You’ll Need

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle Using a Gift Bag

  • Place a small amount of shred or a few folded sheets of tissue at the bottom of the bag to protect the bottle.
  • Simply set the bottle in the bag and add more shred or tissue paper to complete the look.
  • Finish with a ribbon, bow or gift tag.

4. Wine Boxes

Finally, the last bottle wrapping idea we have for you is using a simple, fun, ready-to-go wine box. Wine boxes are yet another quick and easy option, and if you’re traveling with or transporting wine, the added protection of a sturdy box may be your best option. 

Choose from solid colors or, for a rustic and unique take on this look, our natural wood boxes are a great choice. Adding a bow or twine will finish the presentation. And if you’re looking to make quite an impression with little to no work at all, we even have boxes with overlapping flaps and a leather strap-button closure. You can’t go wrong with a wine box – and it’s easy to be as simple or creative as you want with our wide selection.  

You’ll Need

  • Your Favorite Bottle of Wine
  • Box  
  • Shred (optional)
  • Ribbon or Bow (if using)

How To Wrap A Wine Bottle Using a Wine Box

  • Open the box and place the bottle in it.
  • If desired, add shred next. 
  • Finish with a bow or ribbon (if the box is plain and not yet decorated).

Wrap Your Next Bottle of Wine With Paper Mart!

Ready to give a beautiful gift the heart drinks? Don’t stop there – you should know how to wrap a bottle of wine that looks as impressive as it tastes. When you use one of our creative ideas and any of the gorgeous products Paper Mart offers – you’ll be sure to hand over a show stopper that’ll be remembered long after the last sip is enjoyed. 

Looking for more inspiration, great wrapping ideas and tons of products? Browse our full selection of Paper Mart wine packaging supplies online today. 

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