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How To: Measure a Box or Bag

Looking for the right boxes and bags for your item, struggling to figure out confusing measurements, and then having to package and ship your items – ugh! It can all be overwhelming. Trust us, we know the struggle. With 26,000+ boxes, bags, and other packaging must-haves in our own inventory, we understand that industry terms and dimensions can be confusing.


This is why we’ve simplified the process into an easy-to-remember, universal: Length, Width, and Height. We’ve even made a printable diagram for your own reference!

Let us help demystify measurement confusion and walk you through how to easily read box and bag measurements.


L x W x H : Length, Width, Height

Start from the basics when you’re reading dimensions, Length (L), Width (W), and Height (H). Shorthand, it’s written like this: L x W x H . Typically read from left to right. For these examples, we’ll use a simple box.


Length is usually the longest side of your package. When you’re shopping around and reading dimensions for your box or bag, length is usually listed first.

If you have a box in front of you, hold it open (like in the diagram). Take your ruler and measure the longest side, from edge to edge. Record this measurement in inches. This measurement is your length.



To make sure your items fit into your box or bag, the width is crucial. When reading measurements, width is typically the second dimension listed.

With your box, measure the distance from the front to the back. This measurement is your width.



Height is the measurement from the bottom of your package to the top. Because dimensions listed usually want to quote the amount of space your item is able to comfortably sit in, this measurement will not include the opening of your package. Height is usually the last dimension listed.

Using your box, measure the distance from the bottom of your box to the top. Do not include the opening of your box. This measurement is your height.


Things To Remember: Inside Dimensions & Usable Space

When you are looking for the right bag or box, remember that the measurements listed are going to be the inside dimensions. This is because the inside dimensions of a box and bag are how you can best determine whether or not your item will fit comfortably (and safely). These dimensions make up the what is called, usable space. Usable space is the actual amount of space available for your item.


  1. Karla Timmer May 16, 2021

    Good afternoon, im trying to know the exact size of box i need for my handbags and the handbags size is 6.1″ W x 6.7″ H x 3″ .

    • Hi Karla! That’s great to hear! We have a variety of boxes to choose from that would fit your handbags perfectly. Please feel free to utilize our Box Search tool. When it comes to searching by a specific size, remember to leave some room in the box for cushioning to help keep your products pristine. For more personalized help, please give us a call at 800.745.8800, ext 2. Our Customer Care team is available Monday through Friday from 6:00AM – 5:00PM PST.

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