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As the name implies, shipping boxes are used for packaging items you intend to send somewhere. There are various types including cardboard boxes and variations like mailing tubes. Here we’ll explain a variety of box-related topics including buying guides to ideas and instructions for using them as decorations.

How To: Measure a Box or Bag

Looking for the right boxes and bags for your item, struggling to figure out confusing measurements, and then having to package and ship your items – ugh! It can all be overwhelming. Trust us, we know the struggle. With 26,000+ boxes, bags, and other packaging must-haves in our own inventory, we understand that industry terms and dimensions can …Continue Reading »

Unique Ways for Your Business to Package Products

When you’re running a business, a major focus of yours should be ensuring that your company is distinguishing itself properly. Every aspect of your company contributes to your brand—from logos and products, to services and packaging.


One guaranteed way to build your brand is to incorporate your company logo onto your packaging. Packaging is typically the …Continue Reading »

The Usefulness of a Box Finder Tool

Selecting the proper box for your shipping needs is crucial, no matter what kind of business you have. With Paper Mart, our Box Finder Tool is here to help you choose the perfect box and to consider all of the different factors that contribute to successful packaging.


When searching for packaging, the most important aspect to …Continue Reading »

Where and How to Get Boxes for Shipping

Many different circumstances call for multiple shipping boxes. Perhaps you’re sending out care packages, or you need to distribute a large number of materials to a work or school group. Maybe you’ve even started your own mail order business and need packaging and shipping materials for your product. Don’t worry, finding great shipping boxes is …Continue Reading »