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The Usefulness of a Box Finder Tool

Box Selector

Selecting the proper box for your shipping needs is crucial, no matter what kind of business you have. With Paper Mart, our Box Finder Tool is here to help you choose the perfect box and to consider all of the different factors that contribute to successful packaging.


When searching for packaging, the most important aspect to consider is protection. Your business needs a sturdy box that will keep your product flawless while en route to the customer’s doorstep. Compromising the product to save on shipping costs is a guaranteed way to decrease customer satisfaction and lose revenue in the long-run. The Paper Mart Box Finder Tool takes into account the importance of protection and offers a variety of options that cater towards size, weight, and fragility of the product.

Presentation is also a big factor for a positive reaction from the customer—an old, corrugated package is not an accurate reflection of professionalism. Delivering products in aesthetic, protective packaging is key to assuring that the customer will be satisfied with the delivery.

It also considers the importance of how environmentally-friendly your business aspires to be. As packages contribute to your company’s carbon footprint, utilize the Box Selector Tool resource to find a box as green as it is efficient.


Paper Mart - Box FinderThe Box Finder Tool was designed with differing needs in mind. Shipping items is never a one-size-fits-all task, so Paper Mart offers price comparisons of a vast assortment of boxes in all different sizes and shapes. Whether the shipment is a mattress-sized parcel or a package fit for a coffee mug, Paper Mart has a large range of sizes covered. Additionally, it includes bulk options, which effortlessly allows your business to utilize fewer shipments to send greater volumes of product.

Commercial Uses

Since businesses use boxes primarily for heavy shipment, the Box Finder Tool is created to make the delivery aspect of the job easier. This tool is highly convenient, allowing for side-by-side comparisons of size, test strength, order quantity, cost, and availability of each box, once custom dimensions are input. After the initial input, saving the dimensions into your personal account allows for a one-click reorder when you need to restock your supplies. For your business needs, consider our competitive discounts when purchasing bulk through Paper Mart.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In this business landscape, it is crucial to integrate green counter-measures to corporate operations. Though nature conservation is the primary end-goal, eco-friendly packaging has many benefits:

It reduces shipping material waste. Compact boxes not only help to save the environment, but they can also reduce shipping costs. Responsible packaging—an aspect of Smart Design—is a progressive initiative aiming for innovative methods to improve how packages are delivered and stored.

Shipping Supplies

Whether it’s duct tape, bubble wrap, or a simple box, Paper Mart provides you with the selection to ensure you use the space efficiently and effectively. Find the shipping supplies that not only complement your shipping goals, but provide the best supplies suited to your package.


Paper Mart’s boxes come in all sizes, materials and thicknesses. Whether you need an easy-seal mailing box, a sturdy box, or even a cassette mailer, Paper Mart is able to meet your needs.

For all of your business delivery needs, Paper Mart’s Box Finder Tool is here to aid you in finding the highest quality packages at competitive rates.

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  1. S.M. May 24, 2016

    Oh I have been waiting for something like this! Since we design custom Annunciator Panels we always have an issue finding the proper box size. This is great for us!

    • Aram at Paper Mart May 25, 2016

      Wonderful! Feel free to contact Customer Service if you need help finding anything you can’t find on your own. Thanks for writing!

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