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Unique Ways for Your Business to Package Products

cardboard packages

When you’re running a business, a major focus of yours should be ensuring that your company is distinguishing itself properly. Every aspect of your company contributes to your brand—from logos and products, to services and packaging.


One guaranteed way to build your brand is to incorporate your company logo onto your packaging. Packaging is typically the first way customers interact with a company, and it can influence their impression of your business before they even use your product.


Packaging to Create Brand Identity


In today’s world, as people are constantly bombarded with advertisements, introducing consumers to your products can be a major challenge. Packaging is an important marketing tool when it comes to your brand’s identity. For example, someone selling children’s toys would incorporate bright colors and simple language on their product boxes, while a company branding for a contractor would opt for simple, muted colors, and plenty of industry vernacular.


Including the company name and contact information prominently on your packaging can also help to market your items. Constant reinforcement of your brand, logo, and name places you at the forefront of your consumer’s mind.

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Creative Ways to Stand Out


Beyond including your company colors, logo, and relevant information, there are several other ways to ensure your package design stands out:


  • For repeat customers, create personalized labels and logos
  • Embellish your packages with texture and stylistic design
  • Layer your products for a unique unwrapping experience
  • Consider the interior of your package


Labelling packaging is particularly easy when products are sold online and shipped to the customer’s door. An online purchase should create a record, allowing for easy access to past purchases and customer preferences.


Choosing embellishments and interior design for your products should fall in line with the stylistic choices of your logo and branding. Extend your brand’s style onto uniquely shaped cardboard and plastic boxes. Since cardboard boxes and paper bags are great platforms for creative embellishments, you can create incredible packages or enhance your wrapping with bold colors and designs. Choose a complete style and let your customers enjoy a unique unwrapping experience.

candy and sweets boxes

Have a Cohesive Message


Before getting too creative with packaging, you should consider all of the ways your customers interact with your business. Colors and designs should complement existing materials, including logos, website design, and product colors. Nothing makes a company seem more unreliable than a chaotic color scheme and haphazard packaging.


All of these aspects that make up your brand need to be reviewed during the design process to create a cohesive message across all platforms.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions


The last thing to remember is that many consumers today care about the environment. Use recycled materials whenever possible and let your customers know about these efforts. You want them to know that your company cares about the environment, and is up to date on cutting edge resources for eco friendly materials.


You can also minimize ink usage by using unique QR codes so customers can simply scan a label to find the important details. For a truly unique packaging option, choose corrugated cardboard instead of foam.


Everything You Need


Paper Mart has been providing business packaging products and accessories for over 90 years. If you have any questions about product durability, variety, or sizing, contact us today!

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  1. personalized packaging  July 13, 2018

    You are super creative! I would have never thought of these creative ideas with boxes. I see my nieces, nephews, and cats play in boxes & create things out of the cardboard boxes! That’s as far as my creativity has gone. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

  2. Myra Mora July 12, 2016

    I am interested in getting a few boxes to put my cookies in and be able to ship them , i am just not sure witch one will be better and i don’t want to buy 200 of each and be stuck with boxes that i will not use later on.
    I am hoping you can send me a few samples so i can try and see which one is the better one for my business.. A Small business that i am just staring! But i really like your clear boxes and the gold candy trays. I hope you can help me select the right one for my cookies.
    Thank you My mane is Myra Mora I just sign up for the newsletter with your paper mate 480 861 4116 this is my cell phone

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