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Creative and Whimsical Uses for Burlap Fabric

Durable and versatile, burlap fabric has been utilized for centuries throughout the world. Truly utilitarian, burlap is made from plant-based fibers and has a myriad of uses throughout the home, and even while you’re on the go. The following are just a few of the ways you can creatively use burlap fabric!

Home Decor

Burlap can be used to make eye-catching pillows, curtains and table runners. You can easily paint letters or designs on them for personalization. Consider using stencils during the design process for a more streamlined appearance, and have fun with different font styles. Burlap holds color well when dyed, and the neutral color of burlap fabric will complement most décor schemes.

Burlap Bags

Burlap Bag

Breathable and porous, burlap bags are an ideal choice for storing produce and dry goods, such as potatoes, rice and grains. While stocking up on groceries, forgo the store-bought reusable shopping bags made from plastic and create your own personalized grocery bags using burlap fabric. Burlap bags and sacks are extremely durable and can stand up to heavy loads as well as repeated use.

Bags constructed from burlap aren’t simply limited to storage and grocery shopping, however. You can add a playful and rustic touch to gifts and goody bags by utilizing versatile burlap fabric. Burlap gift bags can have sturdy handles or drawstring closures, and you can even make unique gift tags using colored burlap fabric.

Costumes and Theater

Don’t underestimate the importance of burlap fabric when you’re putting on a play or dressing up for a costume party or masquerade! Due to its homespun look, burlap is a great choice for a peasant or Medieval-era costume. Burlap fabric is often utilized as a backdrop in set design and can be hung as-is or painted in accordance with the time period and setting of the production.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafting enthusiast, there is an amazing variety of project options at your fingertips when you utilize burlap fabric. So get crafting!

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