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How to Reuse Your Packaging and Be Eco-Friendly with Crafts

Finding new ways to be eco-friendly is a challenge that all consumers face. Business owners and crafters are particularly unique when trying to tackle this obstacle, as they typically have an excess of materials. Whether it is leftovers from craft projects or waste from shipping items, it can be a struggle to know what to do with these materials to keep them out of a landfill. No matter what you are dealing with, there is a crafty solution to help you reuse leftover plastic, paper, and other scrap material in fun and creative ways.

packaging materials

Wrapping Items with Plastics


One thing we all deal with is waste from plastics, whether it’s plastic bags from our favorite retailer, or plastic wrapping left over from groceries and gifts. Much of this plastic waste won’t be accepted by recycling centers, so instead of leaving it lying around or tossing it in the trash, get creative and put your plastic to good use.


If you have to ship items on a regular basis, consider using plastic bags as cushioning products. Since you already have them on hand, you can save money and landfill space by using plastic and leftover paper, instead of purchasing Styrofoam peanuts to keep items secure. You can also wrap items in bags when transporting them outdoors, to protect them against any potential weather-related damage.


Custom Cardboard Box Shelves


Cardboard boxes are a common sight in any household or business. Virtually every item shipped or sold comes in some kind of a box. This packaging is also one of the easiest things to recycle, so plenty of people pitch them in the recycling bin as soon as they are emptied. Instead of tossing them, consider reusing them, by turning them into shelves. Books, games, and craft supplies can all be better organized using a few boxes of various sizes. Plus, you can easily reconfigure them as your needs change, all without having to spend money on shelving units!


Reuse Mesh Produce Bags


Throwing away mesh produce bags can pose a hazard to ocean wildlife. Instead, try repurposing mesh bags, and use them as potpourri bags. With some tissue paper to line the mesh, and some dried flowers and decorative ribbon, you’ll have a creative bathroom decoration. For another bathroom-ready item, try wadding the mesh into a ball wrapped with some twine to create a homemade loofah. For an extra special scent, you can use lavender aromatherapy oil to infuse the mesh and string with a delicate, healing scent.


Art lovers can also use mesh bags as paintbrushes for a wild, splattered pattern. Just wrap the mesh as tightly or as loosely as you want around a discarded paint brush handle for a new, unique design.


Go with Strings and Ribbons

fabric ribbon

If you are a crafter dealing with fabric pieces, you probably have bits of yarn or string left over from some other project. Instead of using tape to wrap packages, use your leftover craft bits for a great eco-friendly alternative. Adding bits of string and ribbons will give your packages and other items a handmade touch the recipient of your gift will surely appreciate.


For more recycling and re-crafting tips and tricks, visit the Paper Mart blog today!

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