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Tag: burlap

Burlap is a very useful fabric.  Used for a variety of items including coffee bags and burlap ribbon, it’s one of the more popular fabrics out there.  We provide some carts and craft tips as well as buyer’s guides for burlap-based products.

The Material Behind Burlap

How do they make burlap, and what’s in it?

Burlap is the coarse material usually woven from the fibers of jute plants, although sometimes manufacturers use the fibers from flax or hemp plants to make burlap as well. Burlap has an earthy beige color, and most manufacturers don’t dye it. Since the fiber comes from the tough stems of these plants, burlap is a much tougher material that has always been popular to use for bags, satchels or even as decorations and party favors to give a warm, country sense of style to any occasion.


Creative and Whimsical Uses for Burlap Fabric

Durable and versatile, burlap fabric has been utilized for centuries throughout the world. Truly utilitarian, burlap is made from plant-based fibers and has a myriad of uses throughout the home, and even while you’re on the go. The following are just a few of the ways you can creatively use burlap fabric!

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