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What Is a Burlap Sack? A Burlap Bag?

Rustic, durable and so very versatile, a burlap sack is no longer just for potato storage (haha). It’s the versatility that makes these bags so appealing. From shopping bags and gift bags to party favors and decorative accents, burlap sacks are the cloth bags that provide a wide array of decidedly chic and contemporary uses. Adding to this bag’s cachet is its green element, offering an environmentally friendly sack that is reusable for a multitude of purposes beyond the one for which you purchase the sack, making it the ultimate recyclable bag. Plus, it’s biodegradable, ensuring that, in the end, it will disintegrate without damage to the environment.

Burlap Sacks

With great looks and so many uses, a burlap sack is the perfect union of form and function. Here are just a few ways to make a simple burlap sack into a quite serviceable work of art.

Shopping Bags

Jute Shopping Bags

Not that long ago, plastic bags ruled the checkout counter in virtually every store. Then came the movement to protect the environment and recycle items that might otherwise clog landfills, and the concept of cloth bags seemed to take on a life of its own. That’s where sacks like our jute shopping bags come in. Expansive and sporting comfy, padded handles, this type of burlap sack makes shopping a breeze. Its stretchy style of burlap enables it to hold and carry a large number of items in a bag that is far more attractive than any store’s plastic bag. Since it’s an open-weave, breathable fabric, you can even transport produce in it, keeping it fresher than plastic.

Gym Bags

The ubiquitous gym bag, the duffel, has been used seemingly since the dawn of gyms. Yet, for those who enjoy being style leaders rather than followers, a different kind of bag always becomes the bag of choice. Enter, our beach bag shoppers. Definitively different, these bags are also so very appropriate for the gym. Large enough to carry all of your gym necessities, it keeps bottles upright and other minutiae well organized with a wide gusset on the bottom. Even for those who have the usual duffel, this burlap shopping bag sack offers a stylish alternative.

Tote Bags

Much like the gym bag, a tote bag is simply a necessary part of life. Interestingly, a burlap sack makes a terrific tote bag. For those items that always seem to be in transit between the office and home, your carry-on necessities when you travel and even all those diversionary novelties that you bring along to occupy your child on car trips, a burlap bag makes an ideal tote. This is once again one of those times when a round, flat bottom provides the room and the orderliness that you need. You will never leave anything behind again.

Gift Bags

Burlap Gift Bags

Sure, paper gift bags are the usual choice for gifts today. Far easier than wrapping paper, bags serve the same purpose without the work. That’s why burlap gift bags are such a good idea. Sturdier than paper, enabling them to last much longer, burlap gift bags make an elegant presentation, with their neutral tones and cloth fabric. Even better, they are perfect for theme gifts that contain multiple pieces, serving as a more enclosed gift basket. Whether the gift is for a baby, a new graduate or even a wedding, all the components of the gift fit beautifully in a burlap bag with a card attached for a little extra adornment.

Party Favors

Similarly, burlap bags are pretty party favors. Covered in frothy white lace and closed with a double ribbon tie, as our burlap and lace bags are, these bags are a lovely keepsake when presented as the party favor at a wedding shower, for instance, or at the wedding itself. Fill it with pastel almonds, fragrant potpourri or even votive candles for a memorable gift in a bag that will be a sweet reminder of the event for years to come.

Wine Bags

Burlap Wine Bags

Wine is the gift that almost always works when you are trying to come up with a hostess gift. To make it a bit more special, consider placing it in a burlap bag embellished with your own artistry, turning it into a wine bag. Use a stamp to add a black or gray monogram and pair it with a matching ribbon for an upscale look that immediately adds flair to a bottle of wine.

Home Decor

Burlap conveys a bit of casual chic when used as a decorative accent. Placing a jar within a burlap sack, for example, and filling the jar with wildflowers creates a delightful centerpiece with rustic charm. Likewise, burlap sacks with your guests’ names on each serve dual roles as placemats and place cards during a dinner party and become party favors filled with gift items as they leave.

Simple bags devised of rough cloth, burlap sacks offer myriad beautiful and practical uses limited only by your imagination.

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