DIY Pink Day Treat Bags

pink_day_treat_bagLearn How to Make DIY Pink Day Treat Bags

Tomorrow is National Pink Day. Here at Paper Mart, we have a number of cute and festive pink-themed craft items you can check out here. A project we love that is perfect for not only Pink Day but any special event such as a birthday party, bridal shower, or engagement party are DIY  Pink Day Treat bags by Lindsay Weirich of the Frugal Crafter. Depending on the occasion, we suggest putting baked goods such as a cookie or brownie or some sort of accessorie like a necklace or lip balm as the favor. They’re inexpensive, easy to make, and will definitely leave your guests delighted!

  1. The first thing you will do is wrap the doily around the bag and fold down the top part of the bag. You want the doily to be a little bit below the fold. The only place you will need adhesive is on the back of the favor bag.
  2. Next, you will punch a hole in the top of the bag so you can pull the ribbon through.
  3. After that, cut some organza ribbon, string it through, and tie a bow. Remember to fill the bag before you do the ribbon treatment.
  4. The final steps include stamping your tags and adding them to your bag. Once you’re all done you will be left with adorable treat bags perfect for any special occasion!

You can learn how to make your very own favor bags on the Frugal Crafter’s YouTube channel here or you can read about them on her blog here.

What you’ll need to get started:


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