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5 of the Most Durable Materials for Outdoor Events

Whether you’re interested in giving your backyard a simple makeover or planning an extravagant garden wedding, you’ll need the right outdoor materials for decorating. The decor you choose will define the theme and create the atmosphere for your event, but you shouldn’t choose your decorations based on appearance alone. You’ll also have to consider weather conditions and how that might affect the decor. By choosing durable decorating materials, you’ll ensure that your setup looks amazing, regardless of the weather.


When choosing outdoor materials, there are a few qualities you should look for:

  • Resistant to fading
  • Waterproof / dries easily
  • Stiff or heavy enough to remain in place in wind
  • Natural and rustic

You won’t necessarily need to find materials that have all of these qualities. If you’re decorating for a single occasion, it will be less important if the material you choose fades easily. Take your specific needs into account when looking over your options. Here are a few great choices that work well for any occasion.

Mesh Ribbon

Since mesh ribbon is resistant to both wind and rain. When the ribbon does get wet, it will dry quickly. Many varieties of mesh ribbon are wired, which allows you to shape them however you like. They will remain in that shape even while withstanding a lot of wind.



Jute, also known as burlap, is a staple among outdoor materials. Its durability and rustic appearance make it ideal for country weddings, summer camps, and outdoor dinners. Much like mesh ribbon, jute is breathable and dries easily. It can be used to wrap party favors, create a base for centerpieces, or to tie floral arrangements together.

Reflective Ribbon

One of the benefits of holding an event outdoors is all that lovely sunlight. Make the most of it by including reflective ribbon in your decorating theme. Reflective ribbon will add a bit of shine to your surroundings. It looks especially beautiful when matched with neutral materials like burlap.



When it comes to outdoor materials, you can’t beat plastic! It’s waterproof, mess proof, and it can be reused for future events! If you regularly plan or throw outdoor parties, stocking up on plastic garlands is a great idea. If you get a variety in simple colors, you’ll likely be able to use them for outdoor Christmas decorating as well.



You might not view organza as a typical outdoor material, but its sheer beauty and surprising durability make it a great option for decorating outdoors. Organza chair sashes add a touch of beauty to any dining table. It’s also a lovely material to use for crafting projects, such as making your own realistic organza flowers.

If you need more information about outdoor materials, please contact the team at Paper Mart today. We are knowledgeable about all of our products and we can’t wait to help you find what you need for your next outdoor event.

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