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Summer Crafts Ideas: 4th of July Burlap Wreath

4th of July Burlap WreathSummer is here and that means 4th of July is right around the corner! Show your patriotism by learning to make a festive wreath using ribbon, burlap, and a metal wreath frame. In this quick how-to guide from Please Note Paper you can follow along and craft your very own holiday-themed wreath using materials found at Paper Mart. The burlap wreath made with red, white, and blue flower accents and small flags is a great combination of rustic and patriotic flare. Wreath making is a fun and affordable project to work on with friends and kids. Not only are they perfect for decorating your home for the holidays, but you can give out as gifts or decorate for parties too!

What You Will Need to Make Your Own 4th of July Burlap Wreath


Start by wrapping your metal wreath frame using our burlap fabric. The bow comes next, which requires combining ribbon, wire and glue. After that, secure the flowers using wire. For finishing touches add a few patriotic flags using glue and you’re 4th of July burlap wreath is all set and ready to show off!

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  1. Lavonne McNabb June 27, 2016

    This looks like fun! Thanks for posting it!

    • Valentina at Paper Mart June 27, 2016

      Hello Lavonne, we’re so happy to hear you like the 4th of July Burlap Wreath project. Please let us know if you end up making one, we’d love to see the finished product!

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