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Rustic Weddings with DIY Burlap Table Runner with Lace

There’s no denying rustic weddings are becoming more and more popular. These style weddings can work no matter the time of year. Whether celebrating in a backyard, barn, or inside wedding venue, this decor brings a natural feel to any setting. Get ideas and be inspired with our tips on rustic weddings and check out our easy tutorial on a DIY burlap table runner. This table runner is perfect for the occasion!

Decorating Ideas for Rustic Weddings

Mason jars, tins, lace and burlap are key elements to decorating for a rustic wedding. These items have a natural look and feel with a country twist. They’re perfect for adorning tables, chairs and wedding favors.  Here are some ways you can use each one:

Mason Jars:

There are so many uses for mason jars! But we’ll just name a few that are appropriate for weddings:

  • Candle holders: use mason jars for votive or tea light candles on tables at the wedding reception
  • Vases: the ever-so-popular Kerr and Ball mason jars make great vases for floral centerpieces
  • Utensil holders: if everyone is grabbing their own plate of food, mason jars make nice holders for utensils and straws
  • Cups: they might sweat a little so you may want to provide a koozie or coaster to guests, but either way, these make cool cups!
  • Candy buffet: fill mason jars with candies for a fun candy buffet


Small tin cans are especially great for wedding favors. There’s round, square, oval, heart shaped and rectangular tins available for all types of favors. Here are some ideas you can use for each:

  • Round: small round tins are ideal for Jordan almonds, M&Ms, and jelly beans
  • Square: these tins are great for bulkier candies such as mini chocolate bars
  • Oval: use for Hershey kisses or salt water taffy
  • Heart shaped: fill with heart shaped candy like Sweethearts or chocolate
  • Rectangular: hinged rectangular boxes are perfect for mints, just add a “mint to be” sticker on top!

Tin pails are another item that can be used for table centerpieces, utensil holders and candy buffets. Keep the outside plain or tie a burlap or lace bow around it for a pretty embellishment.


The bride doesn’t need to be the only one wearing lace. You can incorporate lace ribbon, wide lace fabric and lace bags into your wedding.

  • Use lace ribbon for embellishing candle holders, floral arrangements, or tying a pretty bow around gift favors
  • Bolts of lace fabric can be used to drape across ceilings, tables, or as backdrops on altars or large displays
  • Package favors like candy, bubbles, shot glasses and more with lace drawstring bags


Lace and burlap go together nicely. This dynamic duo can’t be beat at rustic weddings. If you use burlap, lace is a nice complimentary fabric to pair with it. Just like lace, you can incorporate burlap with ribbon, fabric rolls or bags.

  • Glue or tie burlap ribbon to just about anything, including the base of a bouquet, centerpiece, or wedding box for cards
  •  Burlap fabric rolls are convenient because they are wider than burlap ribbon and can be used for table runners, aisle runners and altars
  • Use Burlap drawstring bags to package favors like seeds, pre-packaged s’more’s ingredients (cute for backyards), or small jars of honey or candy
  • Create a beautiful backdrop with a lace and burlap ribbon combo
  • Because burlap can be a bit rough, you can decorate your chairs with cotton burlap chair sashes – looks just like burlap, but with a softer touch!

So now that you have some inspiration, are you ready for some DIY? Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on a burlap and lace table runner.

DIY Burlap and Lace Table Runner

Items for Burlap and Lace Table Runner

You will need the following items for this project:

Burlap Fabric

Lace Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun


Step 1: Measure and cut your burlap to size.
Making a Burlap and Lace Table Runner

Step 2:  Carefully use your hot glue gun to glue the lace ribbon along the edge of the burlap. Keep the ribbon on the spool and unwind the lace as you go along, then cut at the end. We also aligned the middle of the ribbon with the edge of the burlap so it would slightly overlap, but you can do it whatever way you like.

Step 3: Let the glue dry and enjoy!

Burlap and Lace Table Runner Final Outcome

While this is a great project for rustic weddings, it can also be useful for parties and events, or just decorating around the house!

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