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Easter Crafts and Decorations Should Be Fun for Kids

Easter crafts for kids

Easter Crafts Equal Fun

Of all the holidays, Easter crafts offer parents and children of all ages a special opportunity to get really creative. It’s a time to embrace DIY culture by playing with colors, textures and different materials. Whether you wish to create special gifts and decorations for a children’s Easter egg hunt or a dinner party with family and friends, there have never been more opportunities to take a simple jar of jelly beans and turn it into a Pinterest-worthy work of art.

To infuse a little personality into your crafts and make even traditional baskets and gift bags stand out, incorporate elements like paper products, buttons and fabric art for a little touch of the unexpected.

Add a Few Twists to the Traditional Easter Basket

Nothing says Easter crafts quite like a basket adorned with seasonal packaging and ornaments. Most importantly, be sure to fill the basket with your children’s favorite snacks and treats. To make your baskets pop with a modern DIY twist, substitute conventional materials and play with themes to create packages that children (and adults) will be as excited to open as a Christmas or birthday gift.

Basket and Packaging Options:

Woven Baskets and Trays

Steel Pails

Pattern Gable Gift Boxes in Pastel Stripe

Pink/White Circus-Printed Cupcake Wrappers (even if you decide not to bake, you can use the wrappers to hold jelly beans, mini chocolate eggs, popcorn or decorative accents like flowers to enhance place settings at the dinner table.

Stuffing and Fillers:

Gift Shred and Basket Fill

Premium Colored Tissue and Crepe Paper

Easter Egg Centerpiece and Arrangements

Once the eggs for the hunt have been prepared, putting a few eggs on display is a great way for the entire family to show off their artistic skills and add a fresh pop of color to the Easter decorations. This is a particularly a good idea if weather or space does not permit a traditional Easter egg hunt for the kids (and adults – it’s never too late!) In addition to paint, use materials such as glitter and fabric for a playful spin on traditional Easter egg designs.


Glass jars and containers of different sizes

To give the eggs a cradle of support and give the arrangement a Springtime, garden-like look and feel, add a little moss at the base of the container.

Easter Bunny and Egg Bunting

Sometimes a little bit of good, old-fashioned paper, string and scissors is all it takes to get the kids engaged with an Easter craft. The real trick is to come up with a cheerful set of decorations that involves minimal material investment or cleanup afterward. And, as an added bonus, classic cut-out decorations are not just limited to paper – throw in different colors and textures of fabric to give the final result an air of luxury. 


Colorful Egg-Printed Wrapping Paper

Bicolored Solid Metallic Deco-Mesh

Multicolored Easter Egg Grosgrain Ribbon

As with any arts and crafts project, the imagination is the first and most important element in designing and creating Easter traditions that the entire family will love and want to recreate from year to year. Discover our Easter Packaging and crafting solutions to find the materials and projects that are right for you!


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