No Envy Here: St. Patrick’s Day Is Green With Cheer

The middle of March is a time for celebration fueled by great company, lively festivities, seas of green and a love of all things alcoholic. While we recommend waiting until after business hours to enjoy your favorite drink, we wholeheartedly encourage you to indulge in other St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. From bakers to party planners to creative consumers, people can incorporate the luck of the Irish and fashion some festive, joyful creations on St. Paddy’s. Green shamrock ribbons and green-toned boxes are just the start of your Irish adventures. With the right supplies, you can take St. Patrick’s Day merriment to a whole new level.

From Cookies to Chocolate Bonbons

Who wouldn’t want to munch on some delicious cookies? Forget gingerbread men; at this time of year, you love seeing kids and kids-at-heart nibbling away at leprechaun-shaped shortbread cookies. If you own a bake shop, you’ll want to make sure it is outfitted in just the right way: with treats galore! Apart from tasting divine, your bakery treats must be visually appealing, too. Why not display your baked goods in these beautiful  Natural Rectangular Rush Baskets?

On a sea of green Crinkle Cut Paper Shred, you can set out fresh-baked Irish soda bread, barmbrack, scones, Irish flag-decorated sugar cookies or brownies. In the refrigerated cases, why not use this Teal Baker’s Delight assortment to jazz up your cake section? Irish whiskey cake and shamrock cupcakes would suit the decorations quite well.

Perhaps you’re a caterer with your own home business. When clients order your baked goods, you can display them with a variety of St. Patrick’s Day-suited packaging. From pretty Cupcake Display Stands to Two-Piece Gold Rectangular Window Candy Boxes, your catered goods – wrapped up in festive green Baker’s Twine – will leave no doubt that St. Patrick’s Day is in full swing.

Event Planning, Irish-Style

Time to deck the halls with green! You can drape green Crepe Paper Streamers diagonally across corners and hang them off centerpieces for an instant boost of cheer. Is the party outdoors instead? Just drape the streamers a little more securely around gazebos, trellises and other backyard features. Metallic Latex Balloons also set the scene, and they are sure to capture the attention of any children at the event.

For an indoor party, why not consider these LED Light Garlands? Just place them in Octagon or Hexagon Glass Jars and watch how they light up the room. Literally.

At the end of the party or office event, give guests a thank you gift in one of these green Metallic Paper Boxes or Gold Bar-Shaped Favor Boxes. They might get a little giddy (unless that’s the alcohol talking) and think it’s real gold, but, hey, the thoughtful gesture is what counts.

Not Just Another Day at the Office

Sometimes you just want to liven up the day and bring a smile to someone’s face. If you’re shipping documents or office reports around St. Patrick’s Day, skip the usual brown mailers and use these Metallic Bubble Mailing Envelopes instead.

If the office mood is a little stressed, create instant buzz and joyful curiosity with some Patterned Washi Paper Tape, emerald green Mirrored Plate Fabric Ribbon and Boston Round Glass Bottles. Then fill them with treats of your choice. You can always fill the office with colorful fake plants (no water required!), complete with dried Reindeer Moss and Floral Sprays.

Whether lining your bake shop’s shelves with shamrock treats or helping spread a bit of Irish cheer around the office, your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are about to take shape. Soon, you can hit the dance floor and let loose that Irish jig.

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