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Baskets are great for decoration! Used for everything from standard home decoration to Easter and other holiday decoration, baskets are a popular way to spruce up an area or event!

5 Envy-Inducing, Budget-Friendly Centerpiece Ideas for Wedding Planners

Save your money for the honeymoon with these tasteful, DIY wedding centerpieces.

Between the caterers, the band, and the flowers — not to mention the dream wedding dress — it’s no surprise that costs add up quickly when you’re planning a wedding. As any savvy wedding planner knows, however, there are plenty of ways to manage …Continue Reading »

Easter Crafts and Decorations Should Be Fun for Kids

Easter Crafts Equal Fun

Of all the holidays, Easter crafts offer parents and children of all ages a special opportunity to get really creative. It’s a time to embrace DIY culture by playing with colors, textures and different materials. Whether you wish to create special gifts and decorations for a children’s Easter egg hunt or a …Continue Reading »

Top 5 Best DIY Graduation Presents

The end of every spring semester evokes a familiar sentiment: bittersweet memories, graduation parties, and the struggle to find the perfect gift. Graduation gifts are important because it expresses to your new graduate how much you appreciate their achievement. Both high school and college graduations are significant milestones that deserve major recognition. Undoubtedly, this accomplishment …Continue Reading »

Baskets – One of history’s most useful inventions

Baskets can be used for a number of reasons including storage and transporting goods. Generally hand-woven from bamboo, sea grass, or some type of wood material, baskets are a common item found throughout the world. Some baskets come with handles for easier transportation. Picnic baskets, for example, usually have handles and a fabric-covered bottom to …Continue Reading »