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Where Can I Buy Bushel Baskets?

A bushel basket is simply defined as a basket that is large enough to hold a bushel. Most people don’t know what a bushel is equivalent to, so here’s the breakdown: a U.S. bushel is equal to about 35.2 liters and in the U.K. 36.5 liters. This type of unit is used for measuring an amount of fruit or grain.

You may have seen bushel baskets at your local farmers market. They are traditionally used to harvesting and storing fruits and vegetables, but are also great for home gardening, gathering berries, toting food to picnics, storage, craft projects, and even home decoration. So where can you get one of these baskets for your home? has a great selection of bushel and peck baskets at affordable prices. Some feature a sturdy handle with a handgrip to make it easy to carry your produce. These baskets are made with natural wood slats and are available in vented and solid forms. They are quite durable and can hold a fair amount of fruits and vegetables.

Bushel baskets definitely provide a true, natural country look for your home. Some people may refer to them as “farm baskets”. In addition to storing and carrying produce, these are perfect for holding fresh baked bread in your kitchen. As for decoration, you can use the bushel basket to create a beautiful fall arrangement with pinecones, pumpkins, hay and autumn leaves. Place it on your front porch to add a beautiful look to the entrance of your home.

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