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Create a Memorable Ear-Wiggling Easter Celebration

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Spring festivities are fast approaching, which should definitely have you hopping with delight. Or perhaps just wiggling your ears with glee? Whether you come out of the bunny burrow just in time for Easter or you’ve been secretly dipping eggs in pastel-colored dye for months now, you know you’re more than a little eager to share the Easter excitement.

Crafters, decorators and party planning enthusiasts rejoice! At Paper Mart, everything from Easter gift baskets and favor boxes to satin ribbons and organza bags will be ready for your creative ventures. Add a few extra goodies, plus some of those drained and dyed Easter eggs you made, and you’re ready for Easter celebrations.

Send Some Easter Greetings

To start the festivities off right, you’ll want to create your own Easter cards. It’s DIY or nothing at your home! Here are a few card ideas to get you started.

You’ll want to collect blank cards, cardstock (that you probably have lying around in your crafting boxes) and wrapping paper in a festive spring design, such as Colorful Eggs Printed Wrapping Paper or Pastel Plaid Wrapping Paper. Choose some washi tape, such as Bunnies and Eggs Washi Tape or Easter Egg Washi Tape. You will also want general crafting supplies, including dot glue and scissors.

Cut out a piece of the wrapping paper that is one-half to one inch smaller than the card’s dimensions. Glue it down and set it aside. Cut out one of the bunnies or eggs from the washi tape. Then, grab your cardstock and cut a piece just larger than the washi tape cutout. Attach the washi tape to the cardstock, and glue the cardstock to the card itself.

Add a festive message in formal calligraphy (if you know how), or use some other type of handwritten lettering. Personalize your card, slip it into an addressed invitation-style envelope and send it on its merry way.

If you want a card that is a little more refined or vintage in appearance, consider using wrapping paper with elegant spring-like images. Great Paper Mart options include Springtime Garden Wrapping Paper or Springtime Flowers Wrapping Paper. For your washi tape cutout, you might enjoy using the Birds Washi Tape or Gold Butterflies Washi Tape.

Celebrate With Bunny Baskets

It wouldn’t be Easter without a bunny, would it? These cute bunny baskets can be reused for other projects, making them a fun and practical decorating idea. What you fill them with is up to you!

You will need some woven baskets, such as those in the Geneoa Oval Baskets. For a relaxed country celebration, these Wood Slat Baskets With Handles fit the bill nicely. You’ll also need Chipboard Sheets, Fine Cut Shredded Paper and some type of colored construction paper and tissue paper. Ever practical, you could also use these Colored Paper Merchandise Bags from Paper Mart instead of construction paper.

Using the chipboard sheets, cut out the shape of a bunny head, ears and bunny bottom. Don’t forget to cut out a fluffy, crumpled tail from the tissue paper! Add details to the cutouts using the colored paper, such as pink, purple or green for the ear lining, and pink for a nose. Glue everything in place and let dry. You can also draw in whiskers and eyes using Chalk Ink Markers.

Then, hot glue the bunny cutouts to either end of the basket, and fill the basket with shredded paper. Finally, wrap the handle with your choice of Easter ribbon, such as Pink Party Print Satin Ribbon or Multi-Colored Easter Egg Grosgrain Ribbon.

Easter Get-Well Wishes

Is your loved one or co-worker feeling a bit under the weather? Even though they aren’t feeling well, they still deserve some Easter wishes and a get-well-soon package.

You could start with a homemade lavender wrap. Thanks to Paper Mart’s wide selection of fabric bags, you’ll have no difficulties gathering the materials you need. Use these Round Bottom Cotton Muslin Bags, wash them and fill them with dried lavender and other herbs. Sew up the other end of each bag, and attach a convenient handle, such as this Easter Print Grosgrain Ribbon. You can also fill these beautiful Botanical Embroidered Cotton Muslin Mini Pouches with fragrant herbs as well. They’re great for an instant mood boost.

Next, grab a few Clear Sided Tin Cans and Round Wire Handle Containers and decorate them with washi tape. Whether covered in Polka Dot Washi Tape or Glitter Washi Tape, those containers couldn’t look any more festive. Fill them with homemade cookies and other treats sure to enliven your loved one’s spirits. You could also use these Silver Square Metal Tins and wrap them with Darling Daisy Organza Ribbon. Next, head out with your festive get-well package and watch how the smiles take shape.

With Paper Mart’s help and extensive selection of Easter packaging and crafting supplies, you can spread a little more Easter cheer and get others into the spirit of DIY and home crafting adventures.

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  1. Rouena Konkiel March 7, 2019

    I just wanted to tell PaperMart how much I enjoy everything I buy from you. I have scanned this computer over and you have the best items for the best price and beat out everyone else. I really love calling and placing an order. The ladies I chat with are just wonderful. They really make my day. I tell all my crafting friends about you. I’m not a huge spender as I am retired and have to count my pennies each month, but I manage to get an order in from you. Thank you Paper Mart for making an “old lady” so happy. Sincerely, Rouena Konkiel.

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