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[Video] Learn to Make Easter Gift Bags with Paper Mart!

Easter is on its way, and it’s a great time to surprise friends and loved ones with a sweet treat in your own homemade Easter gift bags! Packaging is a big part of the fun, so it’s no surprise that this is one of our favorite holidays here at Paper Mart.



You don’t have to stick with traditional Easter baskets to hand out candy and tidbits this holiday. Try making these adorable Easter gift bags instead. They’re easy to make for a crowd, and they’re perfect when you want something just a little different.

Stamped Jute Easter Gift Bag

Easter gift bags

Put your own stamp on soft faux-linen or faux-jute gift bags for a personal holiday touch.



Easter gift bags

  1. Cut a piece of scrap paper to fit inside the bag. This keeps your stamp from bleeding through to the opposite side of the bag.
  2. Apply alcohol-based ink or fabric paint to your stamp and press firmly onto the bag.
  3. If you like, you can use Sharpies to color in the stamp design or darken the borders for a sharper look.
  4. Allow stamp to dry and remove scrap paper.
  5. Fill bag with Easter grass and any candies you like.
  6. Pull the drawstring closed and wrap ends around the top. Tie securely.
  7. Use Easter-themed ribbon to tie a simple bow over the drawstring for a finishing touch.

Springtime Butterfly Easter Gift Bags

Easter gift bags

These fast Easter gift bags welcome spring with bright, beautiful butterfly embellishments.



Easter gift bags

  1. Place the butterfly on the front of the jute bag and thread the wire pick through the natural holes in the jute. You want it to go in and come back out about an inch or two apart, in one motion.
  2. Take the tail of the wire and thread it back through to the inside of the bag, this time choosing a hole only a few threads away.
  3. Reach into the bag to bend the wire end and tuck it out of sight. You can clip the end if necessary.
  4. Once you fill the bags with candy or small gifts, tie the handles closed with some decorative ribbon.
  5. If you prefer a drawstring bag instead, you can use the butterfly pick to wrap around the top, essentially turning the butterfly into a decorative bow.

Bonus Craft: Easter Washi Tape

Easter gift bags

Don’t forget to include a card with your gift bags. Paper Mart has super-cute Easter washi tape to decorate the envelopes. Use it to create a scene on the front or simply to seal the flap with some extra flair.

With great packaging products and a little imagination, you can turn classic Easter candies into special party favors to make your Easter table look amazing. These gift bags look cute inside traditional Easter baskets too.


  1. Karen March 22, 2018

    Great ideas! Easy and cute. Thank you

  2. Tanya Pospishil March 17, 2018

    Like the use of using the mini bags along with the washi tape.

  3. Karen Richards March 17, 2018

    Great ideas๐Ÿ‘Thanks for sharing and Iโ€™m ready to order ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Kathy Dalgliesh March 17, 2018

    Luv the Easter Grass washi…such a cute way to enhance Easter egg envelopes!

  5. Diana Strauss March 17, 2018

    I really enjoyed the video. These little bags are super for adults as well as for kids. Thanks, Jess, for sharing. I am on a fixed income, and can’t afford the Papermart too often, but I sure do love their products.

  6. Cindy March 17, 2018

    Enjoyed this very much. Cute ideas and clearly explained. Thank you!

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