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Easter Decorating Ideas to Up Your Retail Game

As the dreariness of winter fades away and the hours of sunlight begin to creep upward, it suddenly feels like spring is just around the corner. And what better way for small businesses to welcome the warmer months than with seasonal, brightly colored displays and packaging celebrating a favorite springtime holiday: Easter.

Easter Decorating Ideas

Decorating your space and getting into the holiday spirit doesn’t have to be time-consuming or prohibitively expensive. Here, we take a look at a few simple tips and tricks to help you prepare your business for spring with on-theme packaging materials and a little creativity.

With these simple Easter decorating ideas and tricks, retailers can get customers into the springtime spirit — all without breaking the bank.

1) Think Pink (And Blue and Yellow)

Put away the red and green — Easter is all about springtime pastels. If you’re decorating your store or window displays for spring, you’ll want to stick to a pastel color palette featuring pale pinks, blues, lilacs, and yellows. Spring and Easter are all about bringing the outdoors in, so incorporating plants, flowers, or floral patterns wherever you can is sure to get your customers in the holiday spirit.

2) Elevate Your Display Décor  

Creating seasonal store displays doesn’t have to be a weeks-long process requiring elaborate construction and store-wide rearranging. Instead, you can work with the space and tools you have to make it seem as though springtime has finally arrived — inside your store!

To brighten up dark wood tabletops and shelves and make your products pop, layer surfaces with colored tissue paper. You can also mix up your merchandise displays using woven baskets or steel pails. Available in a variety of sizes, these containers can display everything from smaller, grabbable items at the cash register to baked goods and candy treats.

Finally, don’t forget to top off your décor with some classic Easter basket shred fill. You can use shredded fill in your store displays and windows to create a themed Easter spread, displaying your top-selling products alongside iconic plastic eggs in a playful mise-en-scene.

3) Send Out Some Spring

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce operation, adding seasonal flair to your packaging can go a long way with customers, especially those looking to send gifts during the holiday season. To dress up your merchandise for the spring holidays, use themed wrapping paper and ribbon for all of your holiday gift packaging.

To send perishable treats or oddly-shaped baskets, you’ll want to package them properly so that they’re not damaged during transit. Cone-shaped polypropylene bags are a food-safe (and spill-safe) way to pack sweets. For a fun, striking gift, fill these cone-shaped bags with orange candies. Tied up with a green ribbon, they make for a charming Easter bunny carrot effect. If Easter baskets are your specialty, dome shrink bags can keep everything in place on the way to final delivery.

After a long, dreary winter, customers appreciate a little brightness and springtime cheer when visiting their favorite retailers. With these simple Easter decorating ideas and tricks for seasonal décor and packaging, you can go the extra mile and give your customers an Easter experience they won’t forget.


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