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[Video] DIY Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

Looking for that perfect, rustic themed wedding centerpiece? We’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve highlighted the beauty of natural wood and glass with lace touches for a swoon-worthy DIY rustic wood centerpiece. Learn how to make your own here!

Here’s What You’ll Need To Design This Centerpiece

Wedding Centerpiece

Here’s How To Make This Beautiful DIY Rustic Wood Centerpiece

1.) Wrap the bottle with twine. Start at the base of the bottle and add glue every three inches to secure the twine.

Wedding Centerpiece

2.) Add lace to one jar. Wrap a wide piece of lace around the jar and secure with glue.

Wedding Centerpiece

3.) Decorate the second jar. Use raffia to tie a bow around the top then place glass marbles inside the jar.

Wedding Centerpiece

4.) Stage your centerpiece. Arrange your finished bottle and jars on the wood slice.

Wedding Centerpiece

5.) Arrange your flowers. Pour water into the bottle and both jars. Add the flowers and the tea light.

Wedding Centerpiece

6.) Finally, finish by artfully arranging your moss around the centerpiece base.

Wedding Centerpiece

7.) Display and enjoy!

Saying, “I do” To A Wedding Inspired By Nature

When you’re decorating for the big day, the key to a beautiful rustic wedding theme is to let nature do the heavy lifting. Layer natural elements with dainty accents. We love the rustic feel a delicate lace doily can bring to rough natural materials like wood or burlap. The combination of delicate and dainty lace with natural textures can infuse your next party favor or gift with a style that is rustic and refined.

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With just a few simple steps and the right materials, you can design a tablescape for your guests that will leave them wanting more. Are you loving this how-to? Looking to design and decorate your own rustic wedding? Show us on social using #mypapermart. For updates to our blog and new packaging options, subscribe to our email list here! You’re also welcome to keep following our blog all year long for more DIY videostips for small businessesproduct features and more!

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