[Video] DIY Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

Spring is almost here! The sun has thawed out most of the snow, the flowers are starting to bloom, and farmers are planting new crops. Time for new beginnings. This is also a popular time for weddings. If you are hosting a wedding or any party this spring, add some natural elegance to your decor with a simple DIY rustic wedding centerpiece.


Center of Attention

The centerpiece is often the focal point of the wedding guest tables.  Although it does not have to be expensive, it has to be special. Check out how to make a rustic centerpiece using products from Paper Mart.


What You Will Need

Wedding Centerpiece


It’s Pretty Easy

1.) Wrap the bottle with twine. Start at the base of the bottle and add glue every three inches to secure the twine. 

Wedding Centerpiece


2.) Add lace to one jar. Wrap a wide piece of lace around the jar and secure with glue. 

Wedding Centerpiece


3.) Decorate the second jar. Use raffia to tie a bow around the top then place glass marbles inside the jar. 

Wedding Centerpiece


4.) Construct your centerpiece. Place your finished bottle and jars on the wood slice. 

Wedding Centerpiece


5.) Arrange your flowers. Pour water into the bottle and both jars. Add the flowers and the tea light. 

Wedding Centerpiece


6.) Add the finishing touch. Place moss around the base of the jars. 

Wedding Centerpiece


7.) Display your centerpiece. Wow, your guests with your beautiful handmade wedding centerpiece. 


Season For Natural Fabrics

Like clockwork, farmers start preparing the soil usually during March and start planting in April and May. Which is why Rustic themes are inspired during this time because of the planting season. The bags that the seeds are brought in are usually made from jute or canvas. Which is why natural fabrics like jute, linen, and lace look great during this season (and during the harvest season). With weddings popular during the spring, rustic themes are a classic motif for this season. Check out the rest of our blog for more rustic and natural ideas such as a DIY table runner and more.



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