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[Video] DIY Boxed Invitations: The Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Nothing matches the thrill and excitement of receiving an event invitation (or gift!) handcrafted and ready to unbox. We love the anticipation and the overall unboxing experience. From simply sliding off the bow, to unwrapping the many layers and discovering a hidden surprise underneath it all, there is nothing more fun!

The trick to making an unboxing experience memorable is the many layers and thought you put into your package. If you are a brand or small business looking to tell your story, look at each layer of the experience as an opportunity to support your mission. From start to finish, examine the details that can be personalized by you and your products. Don’t be afraid to get creative and play with customization, colors, and different textures. If you are an event planner looking to create anticipation and excitement, envision your package as an extension of your event. Look at each layer as a chance to communicate the mood and theme of your gathering. Use these details to express yourself, starting with a multilayered invitation that sets the tone for your event.

Here, we show you two simple ways you can create an unforgettable unboxing experience for your brand or event:

A Rustic Unboxing

For a rustic experience, include natural textures and embellish with dainty details. We love the handcrafted charm that simple materials like jute bring to a package. Infusing your package with these natural textures and elements allows us to create a moment that is rustic and refined.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Experience


How To Create A Look That Is Rustic & Refined


  1. First, dress up your invitation by tying your jute cord into a charming boutique bow and adding a floral embellishment.
    Note: To create a basic boutique bow, make two loops with your cord, cross one over the other, tie them together. Tighten to secure, fluff out loops as desired, and let the ends curl gracefully downward.
  2. Next, trim your white jute fabric to fit your jewelry box and place inside, letting the edges of your fabric hang off the box.
  3. Then, nestle the dressed up invitation into your box and envelop with fabric.
  4. Finally, close your box, secure with a stretch loop, and deliver your invite!

FYI: This rustic and refined experience pairs beautifully with an artisanal product or gourmet gift basket. Find more classic and rustic packaging ideas here!

Creating The Feeling Of Elegance

For a sophisticated unboxing experience, emphasize timeless textures and accent with sleek metallics. We love the luxurious feel that classic materials like satin and velvet bring to gifts and our favorite products. Infusing our unboxing experience with these classic elements allows us to define a modern and expressive tone to our brand or event.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Look


How To Create An Elegant Experience


  1. First, ensure your invitation shines with an easy gatefold card. Simply place the gold side of your doily face down, neatly place your invitation in the doily center and fold the sides in.
    Note: A gatefold card is a great way to create anticipation. Its unique design creates a door (or gate!) which hides the details of your invitation prior to opening. This gives your recipient a sense of entering a new experience.
  2. Then, trim your doily to the size of your invitation.
  3. Embellish doily center with your black satin ribbon tied into a chic boutique bow.
  4. Next, neatly place tissue paper in your jewelry box, letting the edges of your paper hang off the box.
  5. After, nestle your invitation into your box and envelop with tissue paper.
  6. Finally, close your box, secure with a stretch loop, and deliver your invite!

FYI: This chic packaging pairs beautifully with a stylish Parisian themed party. Find more sophisticated and fashionable decor ideas here!

With just a few simple steps and the right materials, you can design an unboxing experience for your guests and customers that will leave them wanting more. Are you loving this how-to? Looking to create your own ultimate unboxing experience? Show us on social using #mypapermart. For updates to our blog and new packaging options, subscribe to our email list here! You’re also welcome to keep following our blog all year long for more DIY videos, tips for small businesses, product features and more!

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