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The Top Ecommerce Packaging Trends of 2018

From eco-friendly materials to innovative branding, the latest trends in ecommerce packaging can help your small business grow.



When it comes to ecommerce, your brand’s packaging represents the first tangible interaction you’ll have with customers. The type of packaging you use, not to mention its aesthetic appeal, clues consumers into who you are as a brand and what you care about.

With 2018 well underway, we’re taking a step back and taking stock of the top ecommerce packaging trends of the year to date. For small businesses just starting out in the world of online sales — or e-retailers who want a better understanding of what else is happening across the industry — these trends hint at the transformative reach of ecommerce.


Top-Tier Customer Service

Since 83% of shoppers need assistance when completing an online purchase, excellent customer service is critical to customer retention and growth for ecommerce sellers. At a time when industry giants such as Amazon can feel impersonal and anonymous, it’s essential to provide consumers with the opportunity to interact with real people who understand their needs and value their business.

For small business owners who want to get in on these trends, make sure you respond to customer inquiries and concerns as quickly as possible. Consider making customer service available on the social media platforms your customers use most and avoid canned responses by adding personalized touches based on customer needs and details. When things go wrong — i.e., products are delayed, damaged, or go missing in transit — be conscientious and transparent in addressing the issue. The faster you’re able to help your customer move forward in fulfilling their business needs, the more they’ll know they can count on you in the future.
Of course, the best customer service involves avoiding issues in the first place. Keep your products safe during transit with cushioning materials, durable corrugated boxes, and bubble mailers.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Consumers want to keep things simple, but they also want to do what’s right for the environment. That’s why 92% of respondents to an industry survey agree that sustainability in packaging has never been more important. Accordingly, it’s become vital that companies show customers just how committed they are to responsible business practices by opting for eco-friendly packaging products.

Whether your business is just starting to make moves in the direction of sustainability or has been going green for a while, your favorite packaging products — from sealing tape to kraft gift boxes — are all available in eco-friendly materials. If you’re looking for a place to begin, consider replacing non-biodegradable fills with recycled newspapers.

In addition to making a difference for the environment and your customers, eco-friendly packaging can be great for your bottom line. With the lower cost of recycled materials, the reduced shipping weight, and environmentally-friendly tax incentives, eco-friendly packaging is a worthwhile investment for your business and the planet.


Effective Custom Branding

As a small business owner, you know the importance of standing out in the crowded ecommerce marketplace. To that end, your packaging shouldn’t just get your product to your customer; it should help make a name for your business along the way. As more and more consumers turn to online shopping, it’s never been more important for small businesses to invest in packaging that can boost their brand profile.

With memorable custom packaging, you can ensure that your product makes an impression on your customer (and their neighbors) just by sitting on the doorstep. From boxes to labels, Paper Mart offers a variety of customizable packaging options to make your innovating branding the first thing your customer sees.

In 2018, your company’s commitment to customer service, eco-friendliness, and memorable branding will help you go toe to toe with industry competitors. By providing your customers with the latest in packaging innovation and ecommerce best practice, your business will be set up for success from the moment your package ships.


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