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Paper Mart’s Top 10 Gift Boxes for Etsy Sellers

Whether your Etsy shop sells jewelry, homemade crafts, or sweets, we have the perfect gift boxes for Etsy sellers.

boxes for etsy sellers

For online businesses selling one-of-a-kind items, Etsy has emerged as a key marketplace in recent years. For curious customers, the site offers unique gifts and handcrafted home goods that they can’t find anywhere else. Part of the fun, too, comes from the creative unboxing experiences that premium sellers craft for their patrons. By investing in top-tier packaging and curated boxes, bags, and wrapping products, small business owners on Etsy boost their brand profiles and earn customer loyalty.

For Etsy sellers wondering how they can up the ante on their packaging strategy, selecting attractive gift boxes is a great place to start. Depending on what you sell and how you ship your orders, the right gift box can be the centerpiece of a dazzling unboxing experience for your customers.


1. Gable Boxes

Whether you sell candy, handmade mugs, or small trinkets and gifts, easy-to-assemble gable boxes are a great packaging option. Use a clear gable box to display items packed inside, or a customized gable box to showcase your business’s unique branding.


2. Clear Top Cardboard Boxes

These elegant clear top cardboard boxes allow sellers to pack items so that they are fully visible even when the box is closed. Consider filling these boxes with colored or patterned tissue paper for added elegance.


3. Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are a classic way to package any item. Available in a variety of sizes and patterns, these intuitive boxes are perfect for Etsy sellers who want to invest in a fresh take on their packaging without reinventing the wheel.


4. Slide Open Boxes

If you’re an Etsy seller looking for a classic gift box that still makes unboxing exciting, look no further than these slide open boxes. The exterior of each box slides away to reveal your products tucked away inside — and as an added bonus for busy sellers, the boxes come completely assembled.


5. Blue Weave Folding Boxes

If your online store specializes in children’s toys, you may want your packaging to have a sense of whimsy. Consider these blue weave folding boxes as a cost-effective way to make unboxing fun for recipients of all ages. Available in a lovely pastel blue, these classic boxes make the perfect packaging for children’s gifts.


6. Hat Boxes

Hats can be a tricky item to package — especially when you want to make sure they arrive without any dents or scuffs! Don’t worry, though; these hat boxes will keep even the fanciest of fascinators in tip-top shape during transit. Even better, hat boxes are a versatile packaging solution: you can even use them to package other oddly shaped items, like wreaths or baskets.


7. Tuck Top Gift Boxes

There’s nothing wrong with opting for the tried and true, so why not use tuck top boxes for your online store? More elegant than a standard gift box, the tuck top box will act as a perfect vessel to showcase your items, no matter what you sell. Plus, they’re available in a variety of sizes and designs, from metallic and striped to custom printed.


8. Two-Piece Apparel Boxes

If you sell vintage or custom clothing items, make sure that you invest in quality apparel boxes that will protect your products and inspire your customers to make repeat purchases. These two-piece apparel boxes will help you ship clothing securely so that your items arrive neat and unwrinkled to the customer.


9. Cap Top Gift Boxes

Cap top gift boxes make packaging as easy as opening a lid. While you’re free to pack them with as much tissue paper as your heart desires, these boxes look great even on their own.


10. Jewelry Boxes

Etsy has become a haven for jewelry aficionados looking for one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether you sell necklaces, earrings, or rings, these classy jewelry boxes will keep your products safe and provide an exciting unboxing experience for your patrons.

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  1. Rebecca J. Justice February 28, 2021

    Super cute! I would say those little boxes are a must have for many occasions when you need something you a hurry! Thanks for sharing.

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