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[Video] DIY Spa & Beauty Packaging: Rustic & Colorful

Design a spa and beauty experience that relaxes and uplifts. When it comes creating the ultimate spa and beauty experience, it starts with the perfect packaging. A put together package allows you to communicate your brand message and personality into your gift.

Here are two ways you can incorporate your personality into your packaging, rustic and charming, or colorful and bold.




Here’s What You’ll Need To Create These Looks

spa and beauty


spa and beauty


Rustic Packaging

For that charming, artisanal look and feel, package your creations with an unfinished container, coordinating crinkle cut paper shred, and a beautiful satin ribbon. These naturally beautiful elements provide a bespoke accent to your handmade bath and beauty products.


spa and beauty


How To Create Rustic Packaging:

  1. Fill your wooden crate with crinkle cut paper shred.
  2. Add your artisanal goods.
  3. Embellish using your ribbon, tie into a simple bow.

FYI: If you want more unfinished, rustic wooden box options, check us out here!


Colorful Packaging

For a bold and lively touch to your spa and beauty products, package them in a colorful corrugated mailing box, white crinkle cut paper shred, and custom label. Bright and colorful package design provides a modern and expressive accent to your natural beauty products.


spa and beauty


How To Create Colorful Packaging:

  1. Fill your corrugated mailing box with crinkle cut paper shred.
  2. Add your spa and beauty products.
  3. Before closing, embellish with personality (we used butterflies!), finish with your custom printed label on the lid.

FYI: For more colorful packaging options, look no further. We have plenty here!


With just 3 simple steps and supplies, your products can be packaged easily and beautifully. Liked this craft? Keep following our blog all year long for more DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, product features and more!

spa and beauty


  1. ShevyLuxe May 14, 2018

    What size corrugated box did you use in the second tutorial?

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