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Baby Shower Decor Ideas That Are Fun and Functional

Babies are born year round, of course, but it sure seems like spring is the season for baby showers.  If you’re planning a baby shower this season, trust Paper Mart to have all the sweet, color supplies you need for the occasion. From the decorations to the party favors, to the games and prizes, there are several items that you can find at Paper Mart to help prepare for your baby shower. 

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Pink, Blue or Gender Neutral?

Believe it or not, but this is a huge decision when it comes to determining the theme of your shower. Everything from the cake to the napkins will depend on the color scheme you choose. If you know the baby’s sex, you can go all-in on the pink or blue — if you know that the parents-to-be like those colors. Not every parent is fond of gender color-coding, so if you’re not sure, you can use both or a range of pastels instead. You can also do something completely different and choose a cute animal theme or a pretty pattern like polka dots or stripes.

Decorating the Space

Once you’ve got your colors in mind, you’re ready to choose some decorations. If you’re having the baby shower in a restaurant, you’ll be somewhat limited. Your best bet is to bring latex balloons to mark the entrance to your space and decorate a gift table. If helium isn’t your thing, try hanging tissue paper pom-poms instead — they’re especially nice in the spring and summer! You can finish off tables with floral arrangements, too.

If you’re having the party at someone’s home or renting a function hall, you can do more to make the room look just like you want. Consider covering tables in coordinated pastel or linen table covers and choosing disposable tableware to match, all of which will provide easy cleanup.

Making the Favors

Party favors are one of the best parts about baby shower — they’re the grown-up version of birthday goodie bags. Acrylic baby block favor boxes look just like kids’ alphabet blocks, and you can fill them with any favorite candy. These make a wonderful centerpiece that guests can each have a piece of at the end of the shower. You can also choose tab top favor boxes or tab pillow favor boxes in colors and patterns that work with your theme. Fill them with treats, flower seeds, nail polish, or inexpensive beaded jewelry for a lovely token to give away. For a finishing touch, just add a too-cute tiny satin bow to your favor boxes.

Don’t Forget Baby Shower Games and Prizes

One of the fun parts of a baby shower is playing some silly games. These usually revolve around guessing the baby’s length, weight or birth date, or you can ask some trivia questions about the parents-to-be. Some parties even feature baby food tasting and diapering contests, so go ahead and get creative! You’ll get everyone to participate if you make sure your prizes are on point. Package them in gift bags with tissue paper, or put together a gift basket wrapped in fun cellophane.

A baby shower is meant to be fun for everyone, so keep your guests engaged with clever packaging and oh-so-cute decor. And if you end up with anything left over, they’ll make the perfect packaging for baby gifts when you’re invited to your next shower or toddler’s birthday party as a guest.

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    Love your “Decorating the Space” it’s really helpful for me, thank you so much!!

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