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Natural Packaging Yields a Supernatural Final Product

You’re an eco-friendly individual who aims to live in harmony with nature and you take the mantra, “reduce, reuse and recycle,” to heart. You’re also a creative DIY enthusiast who can’t get enough of natural packaging, handmade gifts, and gift packaging. Whether preparing for upcoming weddings or designing celebratory decor for upcoming birthdays, you’re often found happily digging through supplies in your craft room (or the kitchen, or the craft room that becomes the kitchen at meal time). No judging here!

natural packaging

Natural Packaging at Paper Mart

The good news is that Paper Mart has the supplies you need to whip up the craftiest, most creative gift wraps around. Gift bags, wrapping paper, and ribbons practically come to life after you’re finished with your latest gifting session.

Get Your Stamp On

Get the creative juices flowing with a simple yet elegant stamping session. Stamping? That’s right. Not the foot tapping you do at the local country line dance, but the ink or paint-based imprint detailing you do when you want to add a little pizzazz to your gifts.

You’ll need some Kraft paper, such as #40 Medium-Weight Brown Kraft or #30 Medium-Lightweight Brown Kraft, which withstands your designs but easily folds around gifts. You’ll also need durable scissors and gift tapes, such as Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape or Gummed Paper Tape. Then again, you could opt to secure the paper with simple yet elegant Natural Fine Burlap Ribbon or Colored Jute Cord. Are you more of a gift bag individual? Paper Mart has you covered! Select your ideal choice from 100% Recycled Kraft Shopping Bags, White/Kraft Versa Recycled Handle Bags and more.

Get Stamping

Most avid stampers have several containers filled with rubber stamps in all shapes, sizes, and designs. From simple hearts to elaborate tropical vistas or cute bunny babies, rubber stamps can add just the right touch to your packaging. Choose your stamp design and your preferred ink pad colors, and get stamping!

Often, the best approach is to stamp far apart across the paper and then work your way in, moving closer to existing stamp marks. You can keep the paper stationary for a consistent stamping angle, or you can turn the paper slowly as you work for an intriguing mishmash of imprints. For an all-new level of creative zing, pick two to three stamps and ink colors and alternate them helter-skelter across the paper.

Acrylic craft paint is also great with natural packaging if you prefer. Any small children in the home? Encourage them to take part in the wrapping adventures! Craft paints are easy to wash off little fingers and are often the perfect way to inspire youthful creativity.

Design Reusable Wrapping

Paper works well for gift packaging, but so does cloth. The next time you’re wrapping up that new 10-speed bike, a set of spiffy golf clubs, or a handmade garden bench complete with a chipmunk engraving (you are talented, after all!), skip the simple recyclable and opt for the pleasantly reusable.

What does that mean? Natural fabrics like cotton, jute, canvas or muslin that can be reused for other purposes and even washed (except jute) if necessary.

To wrap up smaller presents in gift bag styling, you can choose from an abundance of Paper Mart fabric bags, such as Natural Cotton Tote Bags, Small Jute Handle Bags, White Cotton Tote Bags and much more. Pull out or purchase permanent, non-bleed fabric markers or fabric textile paints, and design to your heart’s content. Just remember to set the pattern with a hot iron to ensure laundering success.

Stock up on Jute Fabric Rolls that you can cut to the proper dimensions if you want to use Jute. Since you can’t wash jute, you can go wild with any type of fabric paint you want. Paint on stripes, geometric patterns or even stylized ducklings. Finally, all you need to do is let the paint dry and get wrapping.

The Thought Definitely Counts

Wrapping many small gifts, like anything from homemade pottery to picture frames, you’ll want to cut the jute much smaller. Try to aim for consistency in your pieces so they can be used in practical ways later on. Finally, here are some ideas to get you thinking and planning with natural packaging. Extend your decorative flair by re-purposing designs to be reused as place mats or tray liners. Use larger pieces as a picnic table cover or, if lined with a washable cotton, as a perfectly designed picnic square for the grass. If large enough, the jute could even make rustic yet elegant kitchen or living room curtains. Just make sure you paint them in the giftee’s tastes, not yours.

From Bows to Boxes

To decorate everything from tuck-top gift boxes to jewelry-style boxes, you can go crazy with the bows or you can aim for a more refined twist of ribbon. Even here you have options. Ragged Edge Wired Burlap Ribbon has an edgy look, while Colored Matte Raffia Ribbon shows off your love of natural materials and Colored Jute Ribbon adds intriguing texture. You can also attach 3-D designs to your boxes using durable Kraft Paper Tape looped for double-sided adhesion.

Thanks to Paper Mart’s extensive selection of natural packaging and quality fabric and paper supplies, you’ll be wrapping up creative, one-of-a-kind designs in no time.

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