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Top 5 Best DIY Graduation Presents

The end of every spring semester evokes a familiar sentiment: bittersweet memories, graduation parties, and the struggle to find the perfect gift. Graduation gifts are important because it expresses to your new graduate how much you appreciate their achievement. Both high school and college graduations are significant milestones that deserve major recognition. Undoubtedly, this accomplishment must be celebrated—but finding affordable and appropriate gifts can be difficult. To help ease this process, here are the top five best DIY graduation presents.

Gift Tins

1. Customize a Gift Card Container

While one of the simplest gifts for any grad is a gift card, its generic nature may lead to your graduate feeling under-appreciated. To personalize the gift card, design your own customized container. Simply take an appropriately-sized candy tin and decorate it any way you prefer. Add a ribbon, include some candy, and embellish the box with a personal touch.

photo frames

2. Create Reminders of Home

Homesickness is a major challenge for many college freshmen—even the most eager students can struggle with it. Oftentimes, a small reminder of home can ease the transition from the comfort of living with parents to the responsibilities of living alone. There are endless possibilities, including hand-painted depictions of their home state, a photo collage of family and friends, or something as simple as a personal care package with a few precious items that incite joy and homely warmth.

Gift Baskets

3. Put Together a College Survival Gift Basket

If your graduate is heading off for their first year of college, a thoughtful gift basket will help them to settle in. Despite their confidence and excitement, the novelty of leaving home for college can be very overwhelming, especially for out-of-state schools. The fear of being separated from familiarity intensifies with the social and academic pressures of any college atmosphere. Help relax your new student with items you think might be helpful like music, snacks, medicine, and books, along with anything else they might find relaxing.

storage containers

4. Make a Car Kit

Moving to a different state for school can sometimes expose your new student to climates that they aren’t familiar with. If they’re settling down in a region with cold weather, consider putting together a car safety kit and include things like an ice scraper, an emergency blanket, and road flares.

If they are transitioning from cold to warm weather, include air fresheners, window and dashboard wipes, and a collapsible sun shade in your kit. It is always helpful to include a few weather appropriate outfits in there as well!

party favors

5. Throw a Graduation Party

Realistically, some of the best gifts can’t be purchased. If you’re struggling to think of a practical present, consider throwing a graduation party. You can design your own decorations, play fun games, and even make a video documenting your graduate’s journey through school. While graduation parties are always emotional, they’re always fulfilling and greatly appreciated.

If you’re ready to start working on your DIY gift ideas, Paper Mart offers a selection of 26,000+ packaging materials to help you complete your project. You’ll be sure to find everything you need to put together an awesome gift for your new graduate! If you have any questions, please contact us at anytime.

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