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Farmers Market Supplies Must-Haves

There’s nothing better than fresh fruits, vegetables, and a trip to the farmers market. Are you shopping ready? We’ve got you covered! Check out our favorite farmers market supplies. From market tote bags, adorable farmers market baskets, and more!

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For The Shopper

As a shopper, there are a few qualities you must have in the perfect bag: durability and comfort. Make sure that your bag is sturdy enough to carry your fresh market finds, and comfortable enough to carry. Look for bags that have thick, wide handles and are made of strong, natural material like jute or canvas. 

Farmers markets are also great for specialty or seasonal items. To help keep your shopping experience organized, be sure to have smaller, farmers market bags available on hand. Flexible pouches with a mesh net construction are great for holding smaller, loose items like fruits or veggies. A fabric farmers market bag with compartments is perfect for items like olive oil or wine.

The Best Market Tote Bags

Specialty Reusable Shopping Bags

For The Seller

Make sure your products are displayed beautifully with stylish (and functional!) baskets and trays. Consider how you want your products to be packaged for your customer. 

If you are looking to create gift baskets with your items, look for a farmers market basket that is more compact, with a convenient handle. If you simply want an economical way to store and display your items, consider a spacious basket or tray made from natural materials.

FYI: For creative ways to package gift baskets, check out our Gift Basket Ideas for Etsy Sellers post here!

Farmers Market Baskets For Display

Specialty Presentation Options

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