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5 Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas for Etsy Sellers

Celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with perfectly packaged Etsy gift baskets delivered straight to her door. 

Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas

Every day is a great day to celebrate the moms in our life, but Mother’s Day calls for pulling out all the stops. Whether your customers are looking to give the matriarchs in their lives bath bombs or bottles of wine, make sure you’re going the extra mile to make their gifts truly memorable. By putting together a collection of unique gifts, you’ll help create a beautiful experience for mom and your customers as well as earn their loyalty for holidays and special occasions to come.

Wondering how to get started? Here are five of our favorite Etsy gift ideas, plus wrapping tips for the perfect gift basket presentation this Mother’s Day.


1. Luxury Gemstone Soaps


Let your mom treat herself! Here’s an easy spa-day basket idea – add a little luxury to your gift basket with a unique gemstone soap. Anjoul Bliss uses high-end cosmetic materials enriched with minerals and vitamin oils to provide a soothing, multifaced bath experience. 

When you’re creating a spa-day gift basket for Mom, don’t hesitate to personalize your gift with colorful tissue paper and a custom label. If you’re packaging your Mother’s Day gifts in a box and mailing it, consider shredded fill if for a little extra cushioning.


2. High-End Scrubs & Creams


Beauty scrubs and exfoliating creams are a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. A little bit of pampering with a refreshing at-home facial will have mom feeling energized and ready to face the day.

Scrubs, creams, and facial masks can come in a variety of packaging. We’ve seen them in simple glass jars, high-end cosmetic jars, and even food safe pouches. Regardless, when you’re making your own package, get creative and put a little bit of your own personality into it. Embellish and cushion with colorful crinkle papers and unique wooden containers and finish your gift off with a beautiful fabric bow. 

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3. Wine & Liquor

Photo From AnchorsAmpersands


Moms need a break, too. Whether it’s a girl’s night out or a parents’ night in, a nice bottle of wine or liquor is always a welcome gift.

First and foremost, bubble wrap is your friend! No matter how professional your gift basket looks, a chipped bottle isn’t fun for anyone. Speaking of presentation, consider using wine euro totes for gift baskets holding more than one bottle. It’s a great way to protect bottles during shipment and doubles as an easy way for mom to transport them on their own. 

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4. Gifts Inspired By Nature

Photo From The LuLuBird


Does your mom love the natural beauty of the Earth? Try gifting handmade planters, stylish pruning shears, or handcrafted crepe paper florals.

Wrap sharp tools with padded packing bags so that they don’t scratch any other items in the gift basket. And, of course, wrap any ceramics in bubble wrap and shipping paper to protect against scratches or chipping.


5. Baked Goods


Sweet treats are welcome on any special occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception! Whether you’re shipping cupcakes or elaborately decorated cookies, your mom will love a gift basket of delicious snacks on their doorstep.

Take a note from The Cookie Couture and keep those sweets safe and fresh with food liners, food-safe bags, or bakery boxes. If you’re worried about goodies melting along the way — or while they’re waiting for their recipient to come home after delivery — consider including a complimentary freezer pack.

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