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Get To Know: Left Coast Candle Co.

We’re so happy to usher in the spring season by showcasing the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Left Coast Candle Co. – Audrey and Kathleen! If you weren’t familiar with them already, Audrey and Kathleen are the founders of Left Coast Candle Co., an Orange County based small business that provides hand-poured, small batch, luxury candles. Check out their story here!

Left Coast Candle Co.

A Little About Left Coast Candle Co.

Let’s get started, tell us about Left Coast Candle Co.!

LCCC: We are a mom and daughter duo based out of Southern California. Scents, wick, and wax are our thing. We’ve always loved working on projects together, and the love for our candle making hobby grew into what is now, Left Coast Candle Co. Our candles are hand-poured in our home shop in Orange County, California. We blend 100% soy wax with fragrance oils in small batches. All of our candles are phthalate free and feature a crackling wooden wick. Every part of the production process is completed by hand in order to make a high quality product just for you. We hope you enjoy the candles as much as we enjoy making them.

Left Coast Candle Co.

Talking Business With Audrey & Kathleen

We’re big fans of the time and love behind hand-poured candles. Yours are always a work of art! Amidst the chaos that’s been surrounding us lately, we’re grateful that you’ve taken the time to share a little bit about yourselves with us!

In regards to owning your business, there are many hurdles that small businesses face, for you, what would you say is the big motivator or a personal benefit to being a small business owner?

LCCC: The unexpected hurdles are always a challenge but the reward when seeing your accomplishments and finished product is all worth it in the end.

Do you have any tips for small businesses starting out that you would like to share?

Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to roll the dice. You won’t learn and grow unless you experience the ups and downs of starting out!

Left Coast Candle Co.

Left Coast Candle Co. & Paper Mart

Very true! In regards to your relationship with Paper Mart, how do we fit in? How do you use Paper Mart to help support your small business?

LCCC: We love Paper Mart! We currently use the white tins for our travel candle collection which has been the perfect option for our small 4 oz. candle. We just added the premium gift box to our inventory for our special Mother’s Day gift box and it is the perfect touch to package up this new product.
It is also so great having Paper Mart local to us in Orange, CA. We can easily use their will call pick-up option and we always appreciate their wonderful customer service!

Shop Audrey & Kathleen’s Picks

Left Coast Candle Co.

Stackable White Shallow Round Tin Cans

White Premium Two Piece Heavy Gift Boxes With Cap Lid

Crinkle Shred

These images are courtesy of Left Coast Candle Co. If you want to follow along with Audrey and Kathleen’s journey, check out the Left Coast Candle Co. website and shop. Don’t forget to also follow them on social media (Instagram and Facebook)!

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