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[Video] DIY Candles in Paper Mart Tins

Are you wondering what your next craft will be? Use Paper Mart tins to make your own homemade candles! Candles make a great personalized craft for any occasion. They are the perfect gift for friends and family. DIY candles can be customized to match your home decor or color theme for a special event. With just a few supplies and following the steps below, you will be able to create your own custom DIY candles!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Aluminum window screw top tins
Deep round tins
Sucker sticks 
– Soy wax
– Candle dye
– Candle wicks
– Knife
– Glass Cup

DIY Candles

Make Your Own DIY Candles

Once you have all the materials, follow these simple steps to make these DIY Candles in Tins

1.) First, place the wick in the center of the tin and add sucker sticks to each side to hold the wick in place.

DIY Candles

2.) Microwave the wax in a glass measuring cup or jar until all of the flakes have melted. Try finding a container that has a handle so it will be easier to pour the hot wax later on.

DIY Candles

DIY Candles

3.) Next, use the knife to shave pieces of the dye block into the melted wax. When adding the shavings, make sure to stir them in until they are all dissolved.

DIY Candles

4.) Carefully pour the melted wax into the prepared tins with wicks in them.

DIY Candles

5.) When all the wax is poured in the tins, allow 1-3 hours for your wax to harden (depending on the size). Once the wax is solid, use scissors to trim the wick. Light and enjoy!

DIY Candles

An optional step is to add a few drops of essential oil during the candle making process to give your candle custom scent. Just by following the steps above, you now will have beautiful candles to gift or display around the house!

Follow our blog throughout the year to get inspired by the fun and easy crafts for the whole family! Let Paper Mart supply your next DIY craft project, with our large selection of containerswashi tapeembellishments and more!


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