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Simple DIY Fabric Face Mask

Did you know that face masks or face coverings can help encourage healthy and safe spaces? They’re also easy to make! We’ve seen face masks utilizing a variety of common materials like T-shirts, linen napkins, elastic stretch loops, or narrow ribbons. Here, we’ve made a quick and easy face mask using cotton drawstring pouches.



If you wanted to get started on making your own face covering or face mask, we can help.  Learn how to make your own fabric mask here! 

What Is A Fabric Mask?

diy fabric face mask

A fabric mask or face covering is a cloth that fully covers the nose and mouth. This can be made from common fabrics like a gently used shirt or scarf wrapped around the face. 

Helpful Fabric Mask Tips

Tip 1: Use material that allows you to breathe comfortably and will not irritate your skin. Natural fabric for the mask body like unbleached cotton works great. For your mask ties or straps, sturdy woven fabric like narrow grosgrain ribbons or flexible, elastic loops are also ideal.

Tip 2: While face coverings may help protect from sneezes or coughs, homemade masks are not medical grade. To help encourage healthy and clean spaces for yourself and others, use your handmade face mask in conjunction with safe social practices, like hand washing or appropriate social distancing measures.

Tip 3: Once you’ve used your homemade mask, safely remove it without touching your face. Simply untie the ear handles and remember to clean your mask with a gentle detergent before wearing it again.

Here’s How To Make A Fabric Face Mask At Home

diy fabric face mask

Fabric face masks are easy to make from materials commonly found at home. Here, we used a cotton drawstring pouch, separated the sides, and used the cord handles to quickly fashion a face covering for ourselves. 

We found our 6″ x 6″ pouches provided an adult face with ample amount of coverage. If you want to make smaller fabric masks for kids, we recommend pouches in smaller sizes.

You’ll Need

  • A Cotton Drawstring Pouch (We used our 6″ x 6″)
  • Small Scissors / Seam Ripper
  • Straight Pins
  • Thin Embroidery Thread
  • Sewing Machine

How To Make DIY Your Own Face Mask Out Of Fabric

1.) First, ensure that each side of your face mask will have its own strap. To do this, take your muslin pouch and untie each of the drawstring tops. For now, let each end hang loose. 

2.) Next, create the body of your mask by letting out the side seams using small scissors or a seam ripper. Simply turn the side of your pouch upwards and locate the side seam. Then use your scissors to cut through the seam, separating your pouch sides. This should leave you with a flat, rectangular fabric mask shape to work with.

3.) With the inside of your bag facing upwards, lay the bag flat and create a clean top and bottom of your mask by hemming it. To do this, use your clothespins to pin a ¼” double fold hem on the top and bottom of your mask in place.

4.) Once the top and bottom of your mask is pinned, use your sewing machine to secure and sew the hem in place.

5.) Now that the body is made, time to create a comfortable, fitted shape for your mask with a 1” box pleat. Here’s how to form a basic box pleat, take two equal folds of fabric and fold them toward one another so they meet at the center. Pin these folds in place at the top and bottom of your mask.

6.) Once the body of your face mask is shaped, customize the final fit to your facial structure by wrapping it around the lower portion of your face and tying each of your drawstring ends around each ear. The final fit should fully cover the bridge of your nose and chin. 

FYI: These fabric face coverings can also be customized with fancy trim on the edges or beautiful ribbon ear straps instead of using the drawstring cords. Click here if you want to learn how to embellish a plain cotton drawstring bag.


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    Where do I buy the bags at. How to make a Simple diy fabric Face mask with a bag.

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