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DIY Muslin Bags With Ribbon

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to elevate a plain muslin bag and upgrade your packaging, we’ve got you covered. Just add ribbon! Let us show you how here.

muslin bags

How To Make Your Own Muslin Bags With Ribbons

These custom muslin bags are perfect for coordinating with your small business brand, casual birthday parties, or elegant home decor. Feel free to let your creative juices flow with different narrow ribbon colors or patterns. Today, we’re going to showcase how we made our drawstring pouch with black satin ribbon.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Upgrade Your Drawstring Pouches

muslin bags

Here’s How To Make A Drawstring Pouch With Ribbon

First, Get Your Muslin Bags Ready For Customization

  • Using your scissors, carefully cut and remove the rope handles that come with your bags. 
muslin bags

Next, Thread Your Ribbon

  • After your rope handles are removed, set your muslin bags aside and focus on your ribbon. Attach your safety pin (or, if you’re using a needle, thread your needle) to an edge of your ribbon. You should be able to comfortably maneuver your ribbon in any direction using your pin (or needle!).
  • Once your safety pin is attached, take your muslin bag and working from left to right, thread your ribbon through your drawstring channels. Do the opposite with other tie, threading from right to left.  
muslin bags
muslin bags

Finally, Finish With A Simple Knot

To make sure your drawstring cords stay on your pouch, take your ribbon ends and finish with a simple knot.

muslin bags

FYI: This DIY was so fun that we actually customized three different muslin pouches with three different ribbons! In addition to our black satin ribbon, we also worked with 1/4” Wine Premium Satin Ribbon and 3/8” Ivory & Black Narrow Chevron Ribbon.

muslin bags

Embellished drawstring bags are great for a variety of different purposes like seasonal accents for holidays or if you’re a small business, coordinating with your brand story. They can also add a little something special to small gifts like jewelry or toys, and color code small or loose items for home organization. 

muslin bags

What are you keeping in your fancy muslin bags? Let us know! In the meantime, stay tuned! We’ll be making more easy DIYs all year long, so keep watching for more craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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