Wrap Like A Pro: Gift Toppers

This season, don’t be afraid to add a little extra embellishment when you’re decorating gift boxes. Here are a few cute gift wrapping ideas for your holiday season!


Creative Gift Wrapping Technique: Bows & Berries

With just a few supplies, a beautifully decorated gift box isn’t far away. Here, we simply tuck a few faux berry sprays into a simple boutique bow for a festive, embellished look.

Here’s What You’ll Need


How To Embellish With Flair

1.) The first thing you want to do is wrap both ends of your gingham weave ribbon around the length of your present. With a swift motion, tuck one end of your ribbon underneath the other. This should allow you to tighten your ribbon easily. 

2.) At the center of your ribbon, tuck in your faux berry stems and sparkle trim. Once positioned, use your gingham ribbon to secure with a boutique bow.

To create a boutique bow: Make two loops with your ribbon, cross one over the other, and tie them together. Pull the loops gently outward and fluff them out as desired. Let the ends curl gracefully downward.

3.) Once your bow has been made, gently pull berry stems outward to create dimension.

4.) After your berry embellishment has been positioned, style your sparkle trim! To make tight curls using wired trim, simply take a pencil and wrap your sparkle trim around it. The sturdy wire body will keep its curl perfectly after your pencil is removed.

Note: For this example, we’re letting the natural beauty of our kraft jewelry box shine through and leaving our present unwrapped.

Decorative Gift Box Idea: Christmas Trees & Floral Sprays

Creating custom gift decorations is easy when you think creatively! Here, we’re using a bundle of floral sprays and colorful corrugated paper for a festive and creative gift topper. 

Here’s What You’ll Need


How To Create Your Own Christmas Tree Gift Topper

1.) Using your corrugated paper, fold your paper in half and in the center, outline the shape you want to embellish with. For our gift, we’re creating a simple Christmas tree shape.

2.) Once your shape is outlined, use your ruler and precision knife to get the precise, straight edge you need for your embellishment. After precisely cutting your shapes out, you should be left with two identical Christmas Tree shapes. Set aside.

3.) Get started on assembling your floral spray design. Using your pliers, cut your floral sprays into small, workable pieces.

4.) After your sprays have been cut, take a pair of two sprays and twist the ends together so each spray is extending outward.

5.) Once your pairs of sprays have been made, take a small piece of floral wire and bundle them all together, wrapping around the center. Fan your sprays outward for more depth and dimension.

6.) Once you’re happy with the shape of your sprays, use your hot glue to add it to the center of your Christmas tree shape.

7.) Finish your Christmas tree gift decoration by covering your bundle and creating a space for your ribbon to weave through. Simply use your precision knife to create two narrow slits in the center. 

8.) When ready, simply place your Christmas tree gift topper on top of your present and weave each end of your ribbon through the center. Finish with a boutique bow!

Pro Tips For Decorating A Gift Box

Tip 1: Get Down To The Details

There is beauty in the details, from the holiday gift wrap you choose to the personalized gift tag or bow as a finishing touch. When it comes to creating a gift experience that matters, the details add up and can make your gift truly personal. 

Tip 2: Don’t Be Afraid To Think Out Of The Box

With a little creativity, beautiful packaging can be made out of a wide variety of materials! Whether its a simple box with clean lines, or a unique mini purse holder. A great rule of thumb while decorating with unique gift boxes is to focus on a singular packaging feature and accent accordingly. 

When it comes to gift giving, the packaging possibilities are endless.

Are you a holiday-packaging-pro and want to show us how you pack up your presents? Do it using the social tag #mypapermart. If you loved these tips and want to see more, stay tuned. We’re looking forward to making more DIY craft videos, product features, and tips for small businesses!

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