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Getting To Know: Merrilee of Knead & Nod

We consider the act of gift giving as a true art form and today, we’re pleased to sit down with a true artistic master! With each of her specially curated gratitude boxes, Merrilee, Founder of Knead & Nod puts together a collection that is meaningful and remarkable.

Knead & Nod

Take a peek at our conversation with Merrilee here!

A Little Bit About Merrilee

We’re so excited to hear about you and your story! Give us the rundown – maybe a little introduction and how you got started?

K&N: I’m Merrilee and I’m a wife and mom to two busy boys, ages 2 & 4.  Knead & Nod was built in the summer of 2018 after struggling in my corporate career of 10+ years. In what I call my “mid-career crisis”,  I invested in myself and hired a career coach to guide me through developing a purposeful business that aligned my morals, values and passion. Quickly into the coaching program, I landed on gratitude as the central focus of my business, knowing it was something I truly believed in and something I could really help others express.

Knead & Nod

There’s really nothing like positive self examination to really hone your focus! Getting started and going must have been a huge challenge, could you tell us a little about that and about the positives along the way as well.

K&N: Time is a big challenge for me, especially with having two kids, running a business, and still working full-time in corporate. Fortunately, I have an incredibly helpful, wonderful, understanding husband! Scheduling out every task and goal helps me tremendously.

As far as positives, I’ve been surprised at how far this business has pushed me. The confidence I’ve gained and how much I’ve learned in just a little over a year into my business is amazing.

Knead & Nod

That’s so good to hear! As a packaging company, we cater to a large variety of industries and meet entrepreneurs starting out all the time. From your own experiences, do you have any words of advice for them?

K&N: Ask for help! I’m just learning this lesson and I’m realizing how much further I could have moved the needle if I had asked earlier.

There are ways to be savvy about your business when just starting out and a little help here and there can make a big difference.

So true. We all start somewhere! There’s no shame in getting a little help along the way. 

Knead & Nod

Knead & Nod With Paper Mart

While we’re on the subject, could you share how Paper Mart helps you and your business?

K&N: Paper Mart provides the foundation and tools to make my gratitude box packaging beautiful. Paper Mart’s tuck top boxes and crinkle paper are the most important part of the gift giving process. These items are incredibly cost-effective, allowing me to pass along a wonderful price to my clients. 

The boxes and crinkle paper also protect the items to ensure the boxes arrive safe and sound, so I don’t worry when the packages arrive to the recipient. 

Paper Mart also has a lovely selection of ribbon in a variety of colors that we use as a finishing touch to our gifts.

Knead & Nod

Wow, you really know your way around our packaging line! Trick question then, out of all the items you use, what’s your favorite?

Crinkle paper, all day long! I’d love to visit the crinkle paper warehouse sometime!

Shop Merrilee’s Favorites & Must Haves:

These incredible images are courtesy of Knead & Nod. If you want to learn more about getting your own curated gift boxes, check out their website and social media (Instagram, Facebook)! For more features, packaging tips and tricks, and DIYs – subscribe to our email list here. You’ll be the first to know about any new blog posts, seasonal promotions, and sales.


  1. Linda January 24, 2020

    Hi – Just wondering if you ship candles in these mailers with only the crinkle cut for packaging? How much room do you leave top and bottom. I probably over package.

    • Gabrielle at Paper Mart January 27, 2020

      Hi Linda! When it comes to shipping – especially delicate items like candles – cushioning is especially important. To minimize damage to your product as much as possible, we recommend providing support on all sides of your candles and discouraging any empty spaces. Flexible cushioning like crinkle cut is great for filling in those potential empty spaces and providing support. For more advice regarding wrapping fragile items, check out our Packaging For E-Commerce post! If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach us directly at (800)745-8800.

  2. Tayyaba Sheikh January 8, 2020

    What size boxes are those tuck top boxes?


    • Gabrielle at Paper Mart January 8, 2020

      Hi Tayyaba! Good question! There are a couple of white tuck top box sizes featured, the 7-1/2″ X 7-1/2″ X 3-1/4″ (Item #69007310) and the 9″ x 9″ x 4″ (Item #69009410P). Hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach us directly at (800)745-8800.

  3. Floranet December 26, 2019

    Flashing Content!! Great, keep up.

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