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Small Business Advice From Entrepreneurs

Within this past year, we’ve been lucky to sit down with a few successful business owners and learn about their stories. Today we revisit these incredible entrepreneurs and ask for their take on starting a new venture. 

small business advice

What initial struggles did they encounter and overcome? What keeps them motivated? We’ve got all the info and more. Check it out!


The Initial Struggles With Starting A Business

If you feel like your small business is struggling, it’s okay. We’ve all been there. From finding balance to dealing with unexpected family situations, there are a slew of frustrations that can arise. Here are a couple stories from business owners who have not only faced these struggles, but conquered them.

small business advice

As a home-based business, you encounter many challenges – unexpected family situations, relocation, etc. For me, my family has been relocated several times and I had to adjust my business to comply with each state’s rules for home-based businesses and find new customers.

Lupita of The Cookie Couture


The Perks Of Being Your Own Boss

While working through the initial struggles can be frustrating, the payoff is totally worth it! Here are a few reasons why starting your own business is the best choice.

small business advice

One unexpected benefit is the friendships that have come from working with my clients, they are small business owners themselves, we understand each other and I love collaborating with them and have become very close with some.

Kristie of Pop Deco Creative

Yes, there are customers who will give you a bad day, but there are the customers who become a part of your life. These are the customers that make being a business owner worth it, especially when you see the impact you’ve had on them. It’s so heartwarming when customers start to become friends.

Anna of Honeybee Patisserie


Tips For The New Entrepreneur

Newly starting out? Here are a few small business tips that may be useful to you!

Start small, be disciplined, and especially for creative businesses, take plenty of time to hone your skills before selling your wares. Some of the things I made when I was first starting out are so embarrassing now!

Kristin of 622 Press

Establish a strong brand before you start selling your product! You can have the best product in the world, but if people aren’t attracted to your brand It’ll never sell.

Chelsea of Bridge Nine Candle Co.
small business advice
Photo by Kate Romano

Take your time and work in the industry you’re hoping to crack into. If you’re a career changer, don’t fall in love with a hobby and decide you’re throwing your life savings into your passion.

People romanticize cooking for a living; it’s not all glamorous celebrity cheffing and Great British Bake-off levels of support. Live your research and then decide. It’s OK to have a day job while you figure things out.

Melissa of Cadence Chocolates


Paper Mart Supporting Small Businesses

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  1. Sandra Biscarner January 4, 2020

    Thank you for the information and giving me my courage to go ahead with the start up of my new online store. I will be making wreaths (using you deco mesh, which I personally found it’s the best, and some of my ribbon also comes from you.

    • Gabrielle at Paper Mart January 6, 2020

      Hi Sandra! That’s great to hear. Congrats on taking the leap and putting yourself out there! Remember to tag us using the social tag #mypapermart so we can see your wreaths and deco mesh creations.

  2. WillieMae Charles October 17, 2019

    I enjoyed reading what people had to say about starting your own business. I know the feeling I’ve been there. I’m starting my business again due to life. I have a Fashion Design & Embroidery business that is home based.
    I hope this time life will stay out of my business :).
    I wish everyone success. If we keep encouraging each other we will all get there with God’s help.

  3. Anonymous October 9, 2019

    One of the finest writing I have read so far!

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