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Paper Mart Celebrates 98 Years Throughout August

Our birthday month has arrived and we are so excited for the upcoming celebrations. Before we jump into what we have in store, let us first take a look back at where we’ve been and where we’re going. 

98 Years Of High-Quality, Affordable Packaging

Back in 1921, we were fulfilling orders from our small, Los Angeles garage. We were known as California Towel & Linen Supply and G.A. Frick served as both salesman and delivery man while his wife Emma handled the bookkeeping. Like any new business in the 1920’s, times were tough. We went through many challenges as a company and as a country, narrowly surviving both the Great Depression and World War II. 

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Through these hardships, we focused on offering quality products to the Los Angeles area. We even expanded our product offerings to consumables like paper towels, janitorial, and shipping supplies. It is during this time that second generation son Robert Frick assumed leadership and we were known as, Frick Paper Co

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With dreams to grow the company even further, third generation son, John Frick adjusted our business model to a regional discount mail order catalog business. This was a game changing business decision and Paper Mart made its mark. 

paper mart

John Frick was later joined by his brother Tom Frick and under their leadership, we grew our reach even further and took on the world wide web in 1995 as one of the first companies to add images to text! A decision which was novel and innovative. 

Today, under the leadership of fourth generation daughter, Buffy Frick Simoni, we continue the Paper Mart tradition of supplying quality products at an affordable price. 

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We supply countless businesses, classrooms, and more with retail, food, and industrial packaging. We have sponsored local craft conferences, participated in social outreach, and even helped make dreams come true. 

To celebrate, we’re filling the month with parties, promos, and giveaways of all sorts. Check it out.

Paper Mart Swag! Upcoming Promos & Giveaways!

For the month of August, we’re looking forward to treating YOU with a giveaway, an exclusive flash sale, and a 98¢ sale.

Here’s what we’ve got in store for you: 

  • Online Parking Lot Sale!
  • August 9th, Local Customer Appreciation Day Celebration
  • $98 Giveaway on Instagram!
  • Flash Sale!
  • To Finish Out The Month, 98¢ Sale!

From our humble beginnings in a Los Angeles garage to a 10.5-acre warehouse with a team of over 250 in Orange, California, none of this could have been possible without you, our loyal customers. On behalf of the Paper Mart team, thank you. We look forward to 98 more years!


  1. Dale Sprintz August 27, 2019

    WONDERFUL SUCCESS STORY! And ALL kept in the family!! You don’t hear that anymore these days…..

    I only ordered once, but I love the peachy-pink scalloped gift box with the peach ribbon. I give as a gift with my homemade baked goods! Thank you, Paper Mart!

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