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Get To Know: Pop Deco Creative

Have you ever stepped into a high-fashion boutique and been left breathless by the visual display? That’s us, every time we see a window display or installation by Pop Deco Creative. Today, we’re happy to share our conversation with the incredible artist behind these installations, Kristie Pettibone. Check it out!


I’d just like to start by saying that every time your installations pop up in our feed, we’re always really impressed. So, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us! We’re curious, how did you start your business? What inspired you?

My background is in graphic design and after trying the cubical life for 7 years, I knew I wanted to pursue something outside an office involving fashion. 

After working for a few retail stores doing in-store signage, visual merchandising, window displays, and having a very inspiring boss, I decided to go out on my own and start my own freelance company. 

My company is named Pop Deco Creative, as a nod to my love of Pop Art and Art Deco. I knew a few boutique owners in Kansas City and started doing window displays for them, then from word of mouth and Instagram, I now have over 30 clients and love everything I create!


On Running A Business 

It is definitely a leap from cubicle life to life as your own boss. What are some challenges and unexpected benefits you’ve found?

Since I work with small businesses I know that displays are an added expense (a needed expense they quickly realize) but I always try and keep the costs down – which is a challenge when creating. I am so glad to have Paper Mart washi tape as a material to use because it helps me keep the cost down for my clients and still be such an impactful display. 

The majority of my clients, I change the displays once a quarter, some stay up longer and some shorter. It is hard to take some down after becoming so attached to them, putting so much thought and effort into them. 

One unexpected benefit is the friendships that have come from working with my clients, they are small business owners themselves, we understand each other and I love collaborating with them and have become very close with some. 


Well, when your installations are works of art, we understand how somebody can get attached. But it’s amazing that you’re able to conceptualize and adapt to the changing retail season the way you do. 


Tips For Fellow Creatives & Paper Mart Favorites

For small businesses who are just starting out, or for fellow visual artists looking to take the leap from cubicle to all-star entrepreneur, do you have any tips you’d like to share?

Stay organized with everything from day one. This is not something that I did and I regret it. It’s hard to catch back up! I also would say keep up with the ever-changing design trends, for me, my installs are mostly quarterly so, during my downtime, I am prepping and researching for my next installs.


Yes, absolutely. Having an organized mindset, knowing how to prioritize, and staying current is so important to any growing business. Typically you have teams of people who help you do all of this research and administrative stuff, but your doing it by yourself is truly amazing!

Alright, now here’s where we need to pick your brain a little about us! How do you use Paper Mart to support your business?

I buy my washi tape from Paper Mart for my window displays and for visuals in store. 

The light gold metallic washi tape is my favorite, the metallic reflects the sun from the windows and is very eye-catching. 


Creatives, Makers, & Small Business Owners With Paper Mart

Getting a chance to meet the individuals behind these amazing creations is incredible for us. These stories constantly inspire and motivate us to source quality products at the best prices 

All of these images are courtesy of Pop Deco Creative. If you want to learn more about these amazing art installations, give her a follow on social media (Instagram)!


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  1. Hollie Muther April 22, 2020

    I’m interested in getting in touch with Kristie from Pop Deco Creative. I have a window I would like designed for my new business.


    • Gabrielle at Paper Mart April 24, 2020

      Hi Hollie! Great to hear! Kristie is super talented. I’ve reached out to her via email to let her know you’re interested in working with her!

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