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Get To Know: Baker and Blogger, The Cookie Couture

To many, this small business owner, baker, and blogger is known as The Cookie Couture. To her friends and close family members, she’s known simply as Lupita.

As head of The Cookie Couture, Lupita designs adorable baked goods and shares them with cookie-hungry customers throughout the country. She also shares her experiences and helps fellow aspiring bakers achieve their dreams on her bilingual blog, Mil Grageas.

She’s a busy baker and we’re happy to have the opportunity to sit down and learn a little more about the powerhouse behind The Cookie Couture. Here, Lupita shares her humble beginnings and favorite Paper Mart items. Check it out!

A Little Bit About The Cookie Couture


If you’re a faithful viewer of the Cookie Couture, or her blog, Mil Grageas. You’ll know that Lupita is a personality with a passion for baking. We’ll let her tell the story –

“As a typical Latina woman, I have a very long name, but most people call me by my nickname, Lupita. I was born and raised in Mexico, and 19 years ago my husband had a job transfer that allowed us to move to Texas and so our new adventure began.

When I was a teenager in Mexico, I received an issue of Women’s Day Magazine every month. My favorite issues were the ones with Christmas cookies. I dreamt that one day, I would be able to make all of these cookies.

When I arrived to the U.S. I started with a royal icing recipe. At first, getting the consistency right was hard for me. It took many trials and errors but I finally came up with my own special recipe.

After that, I started selling cookies to my friends. One day, my cousin suggested to me that I should sell my cookies on Etsy. So I started investigating the best ways to set up a store. I also started baking cookies in my friend’s coffee shop and was able to ship a lot of cookies to homes all over the country.

Later, I started Mil Grageas, a bilingual blog where I write about all my experiences in cookie decorating and share all that I have learned to help other aspiring cookie decorators. This past year, I also started The Cookie Couture Channel on YouTube, where I post video tutorials on cookie decorating and baking.”

Starting with a simple royal icing recipe, Lupita has built herself an online community of cookie lovers that partake in delicious creations and learn the skills necessary to achieve their own baked goods dreams.


The Cookie Couture & Paper Mart

A true creative at heart, we learned that Lupita uses a wide variety of bakery items to customize and accent her beautiful baked goods. Her consistent favorites? Surprisingly, they’re plain rectangular tin cans and corrugated rolls!


“For me, the presentation and freshness of my cookies are just as important as the flavor and decoration.

When I first found Paper Mart, I was so excited because I found everything I need to pack my cookies – cellophane bags, a great assortment of tin sizes and shapes, bakery paper, candy pads, corrugated paper, and so many different colored ribbons.

Thanks to Paper Mart, I’m able to bake beautifully decorated cookies and send them in carefully and elegantly packaged containers.”


Shop Lupita’s Favorites & Must Haves:

These beautiful images are courtesy of The Cookie Couture. If you want to learn more about this lovely company, check out their website and follow them on social media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook)! We enjoy learning how to upgrade our cookie decorating and know you will too. For more features, packaging tips and tricks, and DIYs – subscribe to our email list here. You’ll be the first to know about any new blog posts, seasonal promotions, and sales.

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