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Paper Mart’s Top 10 Sustainable Packaging Options for Small Businesses

Find sustainable packaging that works for your business and your budget.


63% of Americans are hopeful that businesses will help lead the charge for social and environmental activism. Therefore, companies should consider how they can demonstrate their commitment to the issues that matter to today’s consumer. While you can donate a portion of your proceeds to charitable causes, it’s also worthwhile to institute business practices that reduce your carbon footprint. This will position you as a sustainable, responsible company for eco-conscious customers to do business with.

On top of signaling to customers that you’re a socially aware business with a conscience — something that’s more important than ever in the sometimes anonymous world of ecommerce — environmental packaging is often lighter and easier to dispose of, making it a cost-effective investment for regular shippers. If you’re ready to jump on board, here are a few green products to incorporate into your packaging routine.


1. Eco-Friendly & Beautiful: Natural Kraft Tuck Top Gift Boxes

Simple, dependable, and recyclable, these tuck top gift boxes are perfect for shipping items in a variety of sizes. Once the boxes are used, customers can easily flatten them out and toss them in the recycling bin, or even use them to box their own gifts.


2. Recycled Kraft Apparel Boxes

Getting a product from point A to point B typically requires some amount of disposable packaging, but that doesn’t mean ecommerce companies should take runaway waste as a given. With recycled kraft apparel boxes, you’ll have no problem shipping your products sustainably. These boxes, which are made of 100% recycled cardboard, are a great way to let customers know you care.


3. Natural Kraft Jewelry Boxes

With natural kraft jewelry boxes, you can package your jewelry in high-quality boxes that are both functional and environmentally friendly. These boxes are made of kraft chipboard, are covered with natural kraft paper, and contain a cotton fill pad, so that customers can appreciate the easily recyclable packaging along with the jewelry inside.


4. Environmental Packaging Friendly: Brown Paper Merchandise Bags

Tried and true, these brown paper merchandise bags are an excellent packaging option for flat items and in-store purchases. Their serrated tops make them easy to open, and they’re a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to single-use plastic bags that can be useful around the house or on the go.


5. Jute Shopping Bags

If you’re looking for bags with durable handles, natural materials, and excellent potential for reuse, then these jute shopping bags may be the perfect fit. With their sturdy construction and aesthetic appeal, they’re a gift in and of themselves.


6. Corrugated Wraps

If you need to include multiple items in a single package, corrugated wraps are a must, especially for fragile products. Secure, reliable, and easy to shape, they make for an ideal and multifunctional packaging option. Plus, their sustainable design makes using and discarding them a breeze.


7. Anti-Static White Biodegradable Loose Fill

Unlike a lot of filler products, anti-static white biodegradable loose fill will put any eco-friendly customer’s mind at ease. Made from natural vegetable starch, this loose fill will is the epitome of environmental packaging. It can completely dissolve upon contact with water, safely reducing the carbon footprint of your shipping products.


8. Two Tone Divine Paper Raffia

This two-tone divine paper raffia is an excellent packaging option for a wide variety of products. It comes in a compact, coreless roll that contains 100 yards of raffia, and its two-tone variation produces a gradual stream of color. Ideal for high-quality unboxing experiences, this raffia is a sustainable gem.


9. Padded Paper Mailers

Padded paper mailers are a must for any ecommerce operation, but their eco-friendly design also makes them a wise investment. Instead of plastic bubbles, the padding in these mailers is composed of paper cellulose. Plus, each mailer is made up of 77% recycled paper fibers and 62% post-consumer material. All you have to do is press and seal.


10. Colored Real Biodegradable Cellophane Film

When you use colored real biodegradable cellophane film, you get a vibrant splash of color without the environmental burdens of “cello” or polypropylene. Biodegradable film is made from natural cellulose that comes from wood, making it 100% compostable.



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  2. Brandy Gilson November 10, 2018

    My team and I are starting a business and we need samples of boxes and box fillers. Will you ship samples ? And if so do you charge and if show much ?

    • Emily at Paper Mart November 12, 2018

      Hi Brandy,
      We currently don’t offer samples of our products. However, our team will be happy to help you decide which product is right for you and if we have it available in smaller quantities. Please contact us directly at (800)745-8800 M-F 6AM – 5PM PST. Thank you!

  3. Ashish raj October 2, 2018

    Hi.. I need box packaging for my products. I have just started my business.

  4. Custom Boxes September 26, 2018

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  5. Kellie Middleton September 20, 2018

    Starting an Esty Shop. Need packaging resource.

    • Emily at Paper Mart September 25, 2018

      Hi Kellie,
      Congratulations on starting your Etsy shop. Our team will be happy to help find the perfect packaging for your shop. Please feel free to contact us directly via live chat that the bottom right of or call (800)745-8800 M-F 6AM – 5PM PST. Thank you!

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