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Getting To Know: Heather of Cubelem

If you’re looking for your daily dose of inspiration, we’ve got it! Recently, we connected with Heather Bianchi, the dynamic founder and owner of Cubelem, to learn more about her story and get a behind-the-scenes look at her packaging techniques.


Cubelem is a local SoCal shop that offers beautiful, personalized custom signage and so much more! As told to us by Heather, check out how Cubelem started, their Paper Mart essentials, and the exciting things they’ve got planned for the future!

Cubelem: Three Businesses for the Price of One

I’m Heather, mother of two (cats) and wife to a talented Progressive-Metal drummer. Raised in a small town in Upstate New York, where I studied Fine Art, Photography and later Design in college; eventually settling in the foothills of Orange County, California.

Cubelem (pronounced kyoob-el-em) originated from a drawing I did some years ago, a geometric symbol that reimagines the Elemental Pentagram. If you break down the shapes within my Cubelem (logo), each square represents one of the five elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

cubelem logo inspiration

My story begins about 7 years ago when my husband and I had just started a small media production company without much more than hope and guiding ambition. We were young(er), had experience in the audio-visual industry, newly in-love, and eager to conquer the world by our own standards. Needless to say… we were completely clueless to the journey that lay ahead, but for lack of suspense, our media business has remained alive-and-well along with our sappy love story.

For anyone who’s venturesomely started a business, I applaud you, because I’m sure that you can relate to the many challenges that come with this pursuit. Tensions can rise, uncertainty can linger, and often times quick and creative solutions are vital; which brings us to my first solo project that would ultimately introduce me to Paper Mart.

Enter…Candle Corners

It was 2014, our growing media business had just survived the slow winter and (as one does) I decided to make candles. Seemed like a good idea at the time, after all they’d make great gifts for friends and family, hopefully provide a little extra money, and surely support my sanity through tough times as often crafty projects do. It wasn’t long before I had rounded up suppliers and was happily whittling away in my tiny kitchen candle factory.

cubelem candle corners candles

Realistic bulk prices, reliable, friendly staff and a convenient location quickly made Paper Mart my top choice for a majority of supplies, including shipping boxes, gift boxes, tissue paper and even gold tins that I’d use for smaller candles.

cubelem paper mart boxes

As it turns out, Candle Corners became quite the experience. It took about a year of trial and error, testing waxes, scents, dyes, wicks; trying different jars, lids, labels, packaging, not to mention photo ops. You could say I became slightly obsessed with the process, but more-so about putting my best foot forward. Truth be told, I didn’t know a thing about candles before that slow winter day in 2014 (someone sound the melodramatic violins!) but I’d set out to do one thing and in fact wound up taking away much more from this experience than I could of expected. Not only did I learn how to make candles (and boy did I learn) but this elaborate mad-scientist phase really taught me the value in simplicity and to trust in my creative decisions.

cubelem packaging using paper mart tissue

Candle Corners has since evolved into what is now known as Cubelem. Utilizing the same geometric elemental logo, my new online shop offers personalized custom signage; often made as reminders of pleasant memories, motivation throughout the day or given as gifts to loved ones. My hope is to continue to grow as a small business, carving out my little corner-of-the-world, creating and selling handmade items such as signs, candles, prints and artwork; having most recently acquired shipping folders and plastic sleeves in preparation from my pals at Paper Mart.


If I can conclude with some knowledge I’ve gained as an Entrepreneur, it’s to keep pushing yourself to learn and try new things, to especially be patient in the process and trust in your creative decisions. In a world of Art and creativity, there is no ‘wrong way’ to do things, you just have to believe in yourself, to learn, to grow, to create what way is right for you. After all, that is part of what makes life so special.

This Fall, I’ll be reintroducing all new candles! So, be sure to connect on social @cubelem. I look forward to connecting with you and thanks for tuning in to my story!

cubelem shipping supplies

Shop Heather’s Paper Mart Favorites Here

These images are courtesy of Cubelem. If you want to follow along with Heather’s journey, check out Cubelem’s online shop! Don’t forget to also follow them on social media (Instagram).


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    • Gabrielle at Paper Mart September 14, 2020

      We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with our promo code. Our customer Care team will be happy to check this for you. Feel free to reach out the them directly here: Please let us know if you have any trouble reaching them. Thank you!

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